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      Be sure to set an in-game security pin to protect your account from being hijacked. Many databases have been leaked from previous servers, this information includes bank pins, passwords, etc. Make sure you do not use any same information from other websites or servers.


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  1. STAFF AWARDS Best Administrator: @Mystkitty Best Moderator: @Finch Best Server Support: Most Active Staff Member: @Mystkitty COMMUNITY AWARDS Best Hybrid: @Wingens Best Main Pker: @Wingens Best Clan : Best Youtuber : @Skinz Best GFX Designer: @Fear Most Respected: @Danny Most Trusted Player: @Casino Most known PVM'er: @SuperNova Most known Skiller: Most Forum Active: @Lancelot Luckiest Player: @Nivo Best Role Model: @Tremor Best Iron Man: - Fastest Trivia Player: @jkosty
  2. @Bulvox Pk got bored and somehow became a tornado on my Zamorak client.
  3. I am reborn - so long ;)

    Sad to see you go mate Best of luck !
  4. new ::rewards command

    It might not be that important for Zombies or Pest control but I believe it's extremely important for Riot Wars as new people will be able to see what they can get from it. Adding it to Zombies or Pest Control would just create it a bit more efficent as Titan would already be working on the same thing.

    +1 For this. Please do I think it would be amazing.
  6. new ::rewards command

    In my opinion creating a menu with pictures + details of the item would take too much time to implement, I agree with it however I'd like to see the basic command and afterwards it could be upgraded to a NPC or a commnad that opens a menu in-game. That's what I meant as well My bad perhaps I wasn't clear enough. **Edited.
  7. new ::rewards command

    What's the issue/idea?: Adding a ::rewards command which works like the ::drops command, showing items available and their drop rate from certain items such as: All minigames (Riotwars, zombies, pest control etc) such as: #Zombies Minigame - ::rewards zombies -> a list of all the items you can get using the zombies minigame and their prices. Ex: [ Note : 650 zombies points ] and so on.. All items that have the option to get something from them such as: #Mystery boxes - ::rewards mbox | ::rewards mysterybox -> a list of all the items you can get using the mystery box item and the chance. Ex: [ Dragon defender : x/xxx ] #Reward book - ::rewards rbook | ::rewards rewardbook -> a list of all the items you can get using the reward book item and the chance. Ex: [ Armadyl hilt : x/xxx] #Crystal key - ::reward ckey | ::rewards crystalkey -> a list of all the items you can get using the crystal key and the chance. Ex: [ Gilded platelegs : x/xxx ] And so on.. Argument/Why is this needed?: Easing new and current players with the ability to check the chance of getting an item from mystery books, reward books, crystal keys etc.. How should this be implemented?: Just like ::drops [monster_name], I believe using the existing list of rewards you can get within the code will ease the process and make it quite easy and quick to develop. Desired result: Easier way to see items obtainable from mystery box, reward books, crystal keys and minigames.
  8. Newspaper - Questions Of The Week

    I think that sums it up. flame? @Nivo @Tremor @Renaissance help please.
  9. Newspaper - Questions Of The Week

    @Fawk "Don't ask a stupid question"
  10. Another day = another pet

    smh creating rules? Not against the rules please come I promise I won't kill you fast.
  11. Another day = another pet

    I'd like to kill you in wildy, screenshot it and add it to my staff kill collection list
  12. Another day = another pet

    My bad, Ganodermic beast please
  13. Another day = another pet

    Jad please.