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  1. The winners of the giveaway :)

    Havnt been able to be on because of Army. When you posted the winners I was online for a week and didnt see you log in even once.
  2. Big QOL suggestion list.

    Add some more items to the Pest Control shop, so people with complete void sets helping others have some incentive to do so. This has been suggested like 100 times. But yea would love to see all these implemented
  3. Staff Updates - 29/12/2017

    ayy leigh back at it again with the server slave!!! gz everyone
  4. The winners of the giveaway :)

    @John ayyy ty for the giveaway!!
  5. Christmas Celebration

    IGN: Ironman can What I like about chirstmas: Getting together with my family and have good time.
  6. #Rich

    Thought I had more but eh thats most of it... Lost fair bit at pking. (swamp trident, dragon warhammer etc.)
  7. Choasburn's Veteran app

    Pretty sure you cant apply for veteran. I think they give veteran rank to people, but you cant apply for it.
  8. Staff Battles Episode #2 PLUS Xmas Giveaway!!

    34 Giveaways always niceeee. Can ironmen win? if not and I win ill collect it on my non-iron
  9. rule flaw

    Edge is place for honour pking...
  10. rule flaw

    As long as its not in the edge wildy its okay.
  11. Anger Sword giveaway! [ENDED]

    The reason why you chose Zamorak: I found out about zamorak by accident and gave it a try. Instantly fell in love with the server and community. Number/500: 364 ps. Participating on my alt account.
  12. 2 Year Anniversary

    Favourite thing about zamorak is the players, the staff, everyone! Staff helps when help is needed and also players help in the help cc with anything pretty much. Most people are nice and chill just overall very nice community.
  13. Bearmans Ironman guide

    Best ironman guide thus far for sure. Nicely organized, and has all the info you need. I would add that bandos is great way to get sharks with guthans.
  14. Buff mboxes seriously

    Spent like 900 pvp tickets just to prove my point for this thread.
  15. Buff mboxes seriously

    What's the issue/idea?: Mystery boxes need an buff, currently they are honestly just garbage. Argument/Why is this needed?: So honestly 115 mboxes and nothing but trash... and taking in consideration how mboxes are kinda "hard" to get. (takes alot of grinding to get like 100 boxes) How should this be implemented?: By buffing the droptable on mystery boxes to have higher chance of getting better stuff like nex armours etc.. and reducing the amount of troll drops like iron scims etc... Desired result: Mystery boxes getting buffed, so people would open them and they would have actual value in game. So I opened some mboxes Forgot to screen shot one inventory which was pretty much same as first one.