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  1. Zombies minigame event!!!

    Thanks to all who participated in the "Zombie minigame" event hosted by the zombie rippers!!!!!!!!!!! We will let you know what our next event will be next week have a great day.
  2. Zombies minigame event!!!

    Welcoming all who wish to join in on the event. And a huge thanks to K1ngmota for posting the events for the "Zombie Rippers" clan. =)
  3. LETHAL - PvP/PvM/Gambling Clan

    Good luck to you and your clan i hope all goes well!
  4. Rank App

    Username: Grim Jo Rank: Super Donator Primary or Secondary: Primary Screenshot:
  5. Played Owned Shops?

    cant wait for release =) so happy and excited!!!!! and good work as always zamorak team!!
  6. Make your own ::yell color

    i 100% agree with this a lot of what is said in my clan is mixed up by yell so confusing sometimes
  7. rank application

    Username: Grim Jo Rank: Donator and Extreme Mode Primary or Secondary: Primary ScreenShot:
  8. Pest Control event!!

    Major Success!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nice work main big shout out for the idea!!!
  9. VapeNations

    Good luck to your clan hope it goes well.
  10. looks good kid, good job!


  11. Zombie Rippers

    Thanks for all the support guys=)
  12. Zombie Rippers

    Zombie Rippers: About Us: We are a clan that is well rounded and organized though we mainly concentrate on Zamorak's most promising mini-game: Zombies. We're here to help and bring the community together. Whether you're here to find friends or looking to smash through wave 40 in the Zombies mini-game, our CC "Grim Jo" is always open for you. If you are interested in becoming a full member of the Zombie Rippers, please contact one of our founders in-game: Grim Jo, White Boi, or Fawk. Requirements: 1) Blood Necklace: This is the biggest requirement if you are to survive to wave 40. This necklace heals you and eliminates the need for food until the higher level waves, which really require food as the zombies will hit 400s-500s even in full primal. 2) Elite Void+- The better your armour, the longer you will last. 3) Hex/BP/Vine/CR+: We require high dps in order to finish waves as soon as possible.(longer time results in the possibility of running out of food and even death.) 4) Dragon kite/Divine spirit Shield: Is a must if you are going to use Vine, Chaotic Rapier, or any higher tier melee weapons. Additional Information: To get #ZOMB you are now required to be a member of the clan for a minimum of 3 days, if you still have not received your #ZOMB please contact "Grim Jo" in-game. If you are inactive for more than a week you will begin to lose your rank in the clan until you no longer have a rank in the clan once you become active again your rank will be restored to former glory. In addition to melee users since ranged is the best to use as of now melee users will not be allowed to rank past "sergeant" though, melee users will still be able to stack their rank points and will be promoted to their earned rank once they have achieved a Hexhunter bow or Toxic Blowpipe. Get Zombie Rippers new event news early by adding "Grim Jo of Zombie Rippers" to your Skype! Rules: 1) Each member will follow the rules of Zamorak. 2) When in Mini-Game/Event listen to your leaders. 3) There will be no disrespect or sexual talk in the Clan Chat. 4) Members must spend most of there game time in Clan Chat. Members: *Founders: Grim Jo White Boi Fawk *Captains: Higginsboat Rage 316 *Lieutenants: K1ngmota *Sergeants: Manchild Memelord *Corporals: Axes Lucid Ooodens Shoestring Nails Acstansnopes White Grape Toxication *Recruits: Hasagi Mastershroom Exile 1 King 0bby X Tk N00delz Dice20bro Yosoynaranaja Cumguzzler69