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  1. State of Zamorak

    Well done. i'm sorry to see Zamorak go this way but i could see it over 6 months ago start turning. truth be told the onus was on you, back when i shed light on this topic (::thread 14470) i was willing to help regroup the community but i was turned away and told that Zamorak was here to stay for the long run.before I made this post I could see you lost interest in this game Titan just the way you started talking in Teamspeak about other games. I new that when this game stopped making you money (which i think it has potential to make money again) you would let it go. but like you said you have grown up and have found other things in life that have far more insurance and sustainability then a RSPS server. Just remember Soulsplit never gave up, time and time again they seen spikes in there player base and massive drops in it as well! Everything in life gets hard a some point guys. Well done with the game though all in all you done a pretty good job keeping everyone happy. Thank you
  2. Introduction

    Hi i'm Kyle, most of you know me as (Magic wax) or (Magic poke). I have been around the general RSPS community for very long time through many different user names. I'm 22 and I have been actively playing Zamorak for about 4 months now, I'm from the DOWN UNDER, born and bread. I grew up in the country side but now live in the city. I find Zamorak a game with a older community (older 18-30+), It's a community that will sometime play just to have a chat, you guys are friendly and great company. Don't think I made that thread to try turn this game on it's self. Most of the people over heard conversations and asked if they could put there input into what they thought would better the game. Add me on Snapchat (magic_wax) My give away number is 400
  3. Suggestion on the Community

    Even grave digging input
  4. Suggestion on the Community

    The bats at ::mb were a good source of Money since they rewarded the player with 20/40m gold for killing tekton/vanguard. However the Money/hr was insane, you could easily make 10b in the first day of joining. I myself thought it was way 2 OP but it also helped the rotation of cash between players, I Think that removing the skulling effect and keeping the decreased droprate would be a good thing. Titan really needs to fix my forums everything is still white and so hard to read... , I think you are 90% right there but i think the drop rate should go down and the skull stays the same. people need to feel at risk when in the wildy that element should never be taken away, That's what the wild is there for, (better drop rate more risk.)
  5. Suggestion on the Community

    I'm not trying to have a stab at anyone with this, I'm just trying to show you people have suggestions for the game but just cant be bother with going to all the trouble with the forums, also a lot of people asked to be anonymous so if you did over hear a conversation please don't call them out for it.
  6. This number gets less and less every night we log on. Quote on quote ***** teamspeak user and Ultimate Donator says, I have only played this game for about 7 months and i have started to see a slow in new play recently even worse i have seen a lot of people quite this game recently. (quite/not logging on for weeks at a time). (magic wax- how recent are we talking and do they say why they don't play anymore). well most of them are just over the game i think that's the fair amount of then actually and around the time that sale for donations happened and even before that i was seeing a lot of people unhappy about the game and the lack of new content. oh then there was the release of Skotizo, yeah that was great i farm the shit out of that thing for almost a week straight made over 300b, some days we would get 5 rares some day only 1, all i knew was i could beat this game without gambling. (magic wax- so what do you think this game needs man, something to better it?) well there so many little things they can be easily fix for starts i have told titan and made a post about it twice that Nex doesn't even drop pernix chaps!, there no such thing as chaos legs and that gano hasn't work for as long as i have been playing. these are all easy fix's. also there's no one has cash for some reason there needs to be a item sink or these P.O.S need to come out because money people buy item with other items and the only real people that got the cash the the gamblers and the Riotwar campers. i would like to see some form of sell an item to a shop for 25% less it value or something like that, maybe a NPC that takes item and gives a rare chance at turning the item gold, or even a boss that takes an item for you to be able to kill it. (magic wax- i hear you man i think Titan needs to get someone on the developing team that's can code the shit out of these things, i'v seen heaps of really useful suggestion on the forums for easy updates but hardly any of them have gone through i think the bat's in wildy is the only thing, then they nerf it.) Item sink! or P.O.S maybe a rework to skotizo! not just a buff. Put it in wildy maybe. Only time GANO is up is when the server has a update or crashes which doesn't happen often. Team speak user LDI Donator status (magic wax-whats do you think is wrong with the game wright now ?) I cant see why we need so many different Donator zones, ::di, ::sdi,1,2,3, ::edi, ::udi, ::pdi. that's 7 different zone with almost all the same bosses and why the hell is there 10 frost dragon's at UDI... and 10 king black dragon's... most of the shit is useless, PDI has got Cerberus and forgoten ranger and shadow-forger thing honestly that's all you go there to kill well that's all i would go there to kill. I think this server has been designed around a player base of about 200-500 players. We have like 100 now... we all know the player count is buffed stop lying to new player's we tells them anyway, the game feels to big i mean there like 10 of every semi boss, and while there only 1 nex, zulrah and kraken there 2 or more of everything else, Gano doesn't count that shit doesn't even work. (magic wax- so what do you think needs to change to get people not just afking at a boss all day, because we all know thats not really fun.) I think they should buff normal DI and get rid of all the barrows shit and jangle demons and make it so people actually use it maybe put some shops in it and remove some of the other donator zone's, Maybe add some Revenants to it and more rune rocks and maybe farming patch with bonus xp, lord knows that skills takes the life out of you... maybe even a buff a couple of easy bosses and make them a team boss for only donator's to kill or wildy, yeah i think every boss is the game that has a good drop rate should be set up in the wildy... (magic wax- why.) well why not no one goes to the wild at the moment to kill anything, well maybe those bat because you have to and every now and then people camp the ragers. I think this pking suggestion should be done i cant see anything wrong with it, this person and i had it well thought out. I have spent a lot of time on this and no sorry i have not proof read it, i'm going to bed. contact me via PM or team speak to put your suggestions forward, there's a lot more i just want to release a bit at a time, so everyone can understand whats going on. this has been put i general discussions because its on going and its more then just a suggestion, i want everyone to see this and start a movement. I'M HAPPY TO BE THE VOICE OF THE COMMUNITY.
  7. Server Update 8/11/17

    those Bring (i) alch price maybe hehe got over 100 now... and the player owned shops. 2017 goals. but then again any update is good thanks.
  8. Server Update 8/11/17

    nice little update happy scaping
  9. Bad outfit competition WINNER!

    very ugly out fit @Lancelot keep up the good work guys

    love the outfit I think it's a reflection on 90's pop hehe honestly, reference below;

    Honey i'm home!

    @Insaneone vs magic wax

    this was the 8th time we RM before this he would rush into claws a soon as he land a 20 with the whip and he some how managed to kill my dropping a 840 d claw spec followed by a 680 second spec, what do you guys think was i wrong for calling him a little bitchh


    1. Finch


      Ayylmao, #f1nchhh4youtuber?

    2. magic wax
  13. Server Update 7/21/17 (Skotizo Released)

    I do understand that, but the gap is too big between new player and rich players. also the one thing that almost everyone gets hooked on in Runescaape is the difficulty, zammy is just too easy. killing a boss on this game is like auto click alching on osrs you just sit there and click a boss then bammm! 5 hit the Armadyl boss.
  14. Server Update 7/21/17 (Skotizo Released)

    I cant see the player base growing or players coming back for this boss... its a high level boss that id refer to having the same problem as riotwars... if your not in max gear you have no chance, or if your not in a team you have no chance... sorry guys you have put a lot of work into it, looks great but its only going to make the rich richer and the new players turn away because of it's difficulty, is fix though if you want a fair combat system for the boss, just pm me on forums you can stand there in game and tell me i'm wrong @sinning tree (not even ranked) but you wait and see this boss will be changed within a couple of months. might be to late by then tho
  15. Server Update 7/21/17 (Skotizo Released)

    when would we be seeing POS in the game, also still waiting for the Bring (i) alch price to go up have over 100 of them now.... nice update tho hopefully the next one will bring more people to the wild though.