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      Be sure to set an in-game security pin to protect your account from being hijacked. Many databases have been leaked from previous servers, this information includes bank pins, passwords, etc. Make sure you do not use any same information from other websites or servers.

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  1. AAO pure clan turned to 30 def clan LMFAO, SF I wasn't there for long but they where pure clan
  2. Zammy - Devils Alotic - Shavers, BBS Soulsplit - #SNF, #DF, #DFJ, #305 OSRS - AAO, TM, SF (all max zerka clans on runescape)
  3. In-Game Username: Magic Wax What pking style are you best at? (Ragging/Hybrid/Multi): Multi Are you willing to war in dangerous zone?: yeah Are you active?: yeah Age?: 20
  4. why not just add no freeze time ?? seems like FCing new players is turning them away faster then they come
  5. actually just happened 5 minutes ago, Riotwars 8 people, i'm solo pking just trying to stay alive (RANGE TANK) no freeze... Logan (nhing) and i are left i have 4 rocktails his got 1 brew so what does he do, ladder hugs me for 16 minutes haha on 1 brew only for me to miss click on the ladder and give him the win, haha oh well i had a laugh. Riotwars match lasted for 21 minutes.
  6. update

    since we cant trade Bring (I) anymore and we don't lose it on death i have been collecting them. i tired high alching them... 0 gp maybe something easy to add a high alch value of 20m considering there not that common of a drop, and 20m being the amount high level bosses drop on death. @Mystkitty
  7. @Titan when i open bank it glitches out still and logs me offline ? what do i do... its says null when i log in
  8. thank you titan for helping me reset my account I was logged in up until server crashed, when i reopened my client and logged in client crashed then said server offline, then tried a second time and i logged in. i was in a different place to where i was logged out. i open bank and got some stuff out and when i closed bank tab it booted me off, i log back in and i have no item on me i then open bank tab and my items are not in bank i asked on clan chat if there was something wrong and Snax told me to post on forums.
  9. They should ad more items to it and add pets to it
  10. Aww see how many it takes to get a vine ha
  11. Where do I find the bata server?
  12. kc 4780 <3 for second comp the closest number wins comp
  13. POS is the way to go guys lets do it #shavers