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      Be sure to set an in-game security pin to protect your account from being hijacked. Many databases have been leaked from previous servers, this information includes bank pins, passwords, etc. Make sure you do not use any same information from other websites or servers.


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  1. Nivo's Updated Bank V6

  2. Choasburn's Veteran app

    Username: Choasburn Rank:Veteran Primary or Secondary: primary Proof (screenshot/Video) unsure what to put here i currently have 1328 hours https://gyazo.com/bc99ba531b8b8b0992e06aa82239dc43
  3. Celebration Announcement

    Honestly happy birthday abdul its been a wild ride and quite a fun one hope you have an awesome birthday dude !
  4. Dear Zamorak I am truly sorry for the way ive recently been acting the past 2 months lately ive been going through a very rough time now that is no reason to take it out onto others, as many people knew i was usually quiet and did not say much i am sorry to the multiple staff members i was incredibly rude too i said things in anger that should not have been said i truly see zamorak as my family and over the past year have grown and developed with the community made amazing friends and i truly do not want to lose that a lot of people on here have impacted my life in so many positive ways yes ive had shitty moments but in the end it all ended out with me being happy due to being able to log onto a game and say hi to everybody the community in zamorak is one of the best i have ever witnessed in my entire life of playing osps i genuinly am sorry for bringing toxicity to this amazing and wonderful community and hope in the end you can all forgive me even if you dont i can understand that just remember you have all touched my heart in different ways and i know some of you may be saying its just a game but i grew into zamorak and truly do not wish to grow out of it as i said i see everyone here as family and when someone needed someone else or guidance we were always there for eachother so in the end guys i am truly sorry. - Id like to formally apoligize to john for calling you so many rude names and just honestly being quite immature what i said was wrong and as a ex staff of zamorak was a poor example of how we should all be honestly i feel i am a little jealous of you as you are an excellent staff member i am sorry for targeting you and honestly what i said was not me keep being how you are because out of all the servers ive been on youve made a change on this one in a good way. -This one goes to chris i called you fake honestly you are one of the most upbeat and amazing people ive ever met rarely did you let anything bring your mood down and i see as we were good friends me saying these things truly hurt you what i said i had no right ive seen you done really well in life congratz to you and brooke man and im so so so sorry words cant even describe it i wish i could honestly say it to your face as i mean it i genuinly think your commitment to zamorak is what this server needs sorry bro. -This one goes to titan he had shown me kindness and everything a good server owner and amazing friend should he was there always supporting me when i was a staff member player anytime any situation abdul always listened and helped out yes we had our arguements but personally he is an amazing person who truly cares about this server he would not put time into this server if he didnt care he even goes out of his way to listen to the player base even if people get mad at him he is still always supporting this server and im sorry i was so toxic to your server titan after all the trust you put in me i miss the team greatly and im beyond sorry i hope you can forgive me.
  5. Server Update 9/13/17

    Keep up the great work @Titan
  6. My inactivity

    Hey guys, as you may know i've been a little inactive lately usually i come on about everyday/ night to check on the server well i actually have quite the reason and i want you guys to know i recently had my son born yesterday sept 6th at about 8:20am he is a little handful so its been a little hard to get used to it for the time being i will be on thats for sure and this will not affect my activity in game so no worries on that i just want you all to know the reason ill be gone for a bit. pce Choasburn
  7. prestige store suggestions

    Maybe at a random item like a riotwars drop every time someone prestiges sorta like a lottery so it makes u want to prestige and work towards it
  8. Barrows in riotwars?

    Okay i'm in riotwars all the time if barrows is disabled wtf are you going to use because then people are going to want more disabled then its going to be a bald naked punching fight with pixelated people no thats not what riotwars should be i genuinely feel barrows should always be allowed as its just silly not too in my opinion.
  9. Staff Feedback(Not for Giveaway)

    Thanks for the feedback arkem love you;)
  10. miksi ei staff feedback

    Thanks man ill continue to do and try my best! i appriciate the feedback
  11. Staff Feedback

    Thanks lance i try my best
  12. Server Update 8/20/17

    Wow, well done amazing job titan keep up the amazing work!
  13. Server Update 8/18/17

    Amazing update titan and we will always have your back keep up the amazing work friend!
  14. Staff Updates - 08/02/2017

    Gratz well deserved promotions keep it up!