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  1. My Inactivity and Situation

    Hello everyone! So, as many of you know, I am a former staff member. Keyword there being former, and while it lasted, it was amazing getting to interact with everyone in the community and getting to know the players on a more personal level. Getting welcomed back into the staff team for my second time was another amazing experience thanks to all of the hard working staff placed above me. I really enjoyed my time with Zamora over the past two years and not a moment of it I'd take back, everyone I've met on here has mad a small impact on my life and I thank each and every one of you for that. My time as staff, however, has ended. This was due to inactivity, which I cannot blame anyone but myself for the step down. I've been extremely busy with my theatre and doing shows, and with school (we've got 30 days left so tons of projects, essays, papers, and testing). It's an unreal amount of stress being put on me and trying to manage all of that and being staff on a server and managing the newspaper team and also still being active is very hard to do. I want to thank everyone in Zamorak for making this community one of a kind and really allowing me to be myself and enjoy my time here. I plan on coming back in the summer maybe, whenever things cool down IRL and I've got more time to dedicate to Zamorak. Titan and Vinny, thank you all for being amazing CO's to a wonderful server, it's truly amazing. Also, thank you for the opportunity as staff again on the server. Ironweight and Sinning Tree, thank you both for being role models to me and all of the other staff (and even players, really) and setting the example for how to be an upstanding member of this community. I wish you all best of luck in your future endeavours and hope to see you all again in the future! Farewell and Best Regards, Falkon
  2. Awards: Best Overall Administrator: Ironweight Best Overall Moderator: Mystkitty Best Server Support: N/A Most Active Staff Member: Mystkitty Best Hybrid: Permedd Best Main Pker: Xenofied Best Clan: #7SinZ Best Youtuber: Brid Best GFX Designer: Lexi Most Respected: Titan Most Trusted Player: Rockstar Most Known PVM'er: TBA Most Forum Active: Snax Luckiest Player: Fkn opie Best Role Model: Ironweight Best Iron Man: TBA Most Known Skiller: Mystkitty Fastest Trivia Player: ohheyitsdan
  3. 9, and hard.

    Welcome back man! Regards, Falkon
  4. Updated Bank Picture (See Ya Later)

    Dang man, nice bank! Wish I had 1/10th of it, haha!
  5. yce bank.

    DHPK much??
  6. Donation

    Holy smokes man, nice bank
  7. My greece vacation

    Dang man, looks like it was awesome. I'd love to go sometime Regards, Falkon
  8. More items for skilling points shop?

    Very good idea, easy +1
  9. Server Update 3/21/17

    Thanks for the continued, quality updates, Titan! Keep it up man!
  10. Bye for now : >

    It's been interesting getting to know you, man. Have a good one, wishing you the best. Regards, Falkon
  11. Runescape

    N9ce mate EDIT: Perm, it's what real men used to play
  12. Perception is but a mere construct of the human species, much like time. When we were placed here, nothing read "it is 3:57PM, John Fakelastname." We made time, and now we let time control us. This is saying that, hypothetically, according to the universe, there is no "time", therefore there is no universal "timeline", meaning the possibility your father existed before you cannot either be proven nor disproven. We cannot even prove we really exist. What's not to say you are living in the sidescape of a lucidly day-dreaming superior being? What's not to say that your soul is the only thing in existence and it is alone in a soul plain, and everything else right now is merely being perceived in your head? What's not to say you're the only living thing, and the rest of the "humans" around you are robots and you're inside of a computer simulation? Wouldn't a virtual reality reality be an acceptable proposition? This would explain the many occurrences in nature and in life that happen and defy all known laws of physics and motion and time, yet still happen and are unexplained. Nothing is truly "100% perfect," so to believe the simulation one is to live in is being slightly corrupted by a bug inside of the metaphorical code is not too far out of grasp for anyone who is open-minded. There are many theories, and, although I don't necessarily not support yours, I don't support it either. I think happiness is achievable, and it's not fancy cars or a big house. It's being where you want to be when you want to be there, as far as life is concerned. I'm happy right now. I've got a good life and yeah, I've got troubles and hardships, but I can overlook it and still be happy with what I've got. Peace is achievable, but it's nearly impossible to obtain. Time and money are the two most destructive things that have been given to us, and yet, conveniently, both of them were made by us. It's part of it though, I suppose.
  13. Activity update

    Take care man, IRL comes before games in any circumstances. We'll miss you man, for sure awaiting your return!
  14. Hey new/old friends

    Welcome back, bud!
  15. Ultimate iron man goal

    I commend you for your goals and unrivaled persistence to achieve them! Keep us updated, man!