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      Be sure to set an in-game security pin to protect your account from being hijacked. Many databases have been leaked from previous servers, this information includes bank pins, passwords, etc. Make sure you do not use any same information from other websites or servers.


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    Java Development/Tattoos/DMT+Hallucinogenics.
  1. The account "Souly" is no longer in use by me. @cashed currently has my password and if it ever logs in, it's no longer me.

    love u cashed

    1. cashed


      We'll miss you. make sure to write down the pass because I'd love to see you on again.

      There will never be anybody on your account but you! That account is not something another person should floss with, cause you put in the work.

    2. laLovell


      Imagine Account Sharing in 2017.

    3. Danny


      the account "souly" is now perm banned for account sharing.

      maybe you need to check up on the rules champ.

  2. A few suggestions to improve in-game content.

    Good call boss, never thought of this. Then yeah, fully support this idea now I know the full details of everything.
  3. A few suggestions to improve in-game content.

    True, but I'm sure there isn't many people that'd chose a Max cape over a death cape, as I imagine everyone will be wanting that even if it's not their first priority. I'm not disagreeing with you, but I'm just not fully set on the idea of it being worked on for a while just to be used as a cosmetic feature. (Maybe there could be a feature where you add something to the max cape + there is a different design + has abilities) I.E Ranging cape, fire cape, you know the score.
  4. A few suggestions to improve in-game content.

    I love the idea of being able to change the colour combination of the Max capes, but the only issue is there's death capes + wings in the game which are prefered over the max cape due to stats, would making a thing like this where you're able to customise the max capes just be left for the people to make outfits? (Is it worth it at that point?) But apart from that, agree with everything you've stated here.
  5. Limited Bolts for Ironmen

    Wrong, the Server Support I was speaking to at the time also interpreted what you said the same way, oops.
  6. Limited Bolts for Ironmen

    The way you wrote it, it sounded like you was currently grinding for an Armadyl Crossbow, Ruby Bolts (e) and other bolts are NOT coded, thus making Dragon Bolts (e) the best for PvMing at this current time (and they work well, so I don't see the complaint) I read what I saw perfectly thank you, try being a little clearer with what you was intending and it may help fellow people give you a better reply in future. ++If you plan to continue to be cocky, please head over to the Flamewar thread, I'd love to deflower you there.
  7. Limited Bolts for Ironmen

    You're able to recieve runite bolts from Baby Blue Dragons which you can turn into Dragon Bolts (e). And/or, you can use a MSB with rune arrows you collect from thieving. Just a little extra note, the Armadyl Crossbow is only achievable through donating currently, the best crossbow you can get is a choatic on an ironman.
  8. Nivo's Bank

    I found the jenga
  9. Nivo's Bank

    5 angers? Jesus christ, you make me wet.
  10. Bank Space Box.

    Would be good eh? Just trying to get this idea a little bit more recognized to see others' opinions on it.
  11. Bank Space Box.

    To rebump this into circulation, I thought of something like a way to change your pest control points into these boxes too, thus allowing new players the ability to get void a little easier as some people will be doing it frequently. (Same can apply with other minigames too, used Pest Control to make an example)
  12. Souly's Ironman Goals.

    Thanks a bunch mate!
  13. Souly's Ironman Goals.

    Thanks a bunch buddy, and yeah definately some high-end goals but hopefully I'll be around long enough to complete them all
  14. Hello all. I'm sure a lot already know but I'm an Ironman here on Zamorak. This is the first ironman account I have ever created, on any server, and the first I've ever played on. I spent a lot of time putting off trying the Ironman gamemode on any server just because I thought I wouldn't like it, previously I was a heavy slayer pvmer and gambler. I'd join servers, donate stupid amounts of money, have a few days fun and then gamble it all and eventually lose. I wanted to settle down and play the game for what it is on a server that I actually enjoyed, and here I am. I want to make this thread to be able to keep a note of the things I've achieved and the things I want to achieve while playing here at Zamorak. At the time of making this thread, this is what my bank looks like so far: http://prntscr.com/fo1ky3 http://prntscr.com/fo1lpf http://prntscr.com/fo1m2h (I do have other gear, supplies, drops, laying around elsewhere but I thought these were the most important to show) Please Note: A lot of the inspiration to continue my ironman and set goals for it is due to @Yce's ironman. I've seen him make a lot of progress on it and I'd love to build my account to the point he's at. As for my current goals: 200M XP in every skill - (6/22) 100K Nature Runes - (4424/100000) As for my future goals: Recieve every rare item as a drop. Have 100b cash. Reach atleast 5000 KC for every boss. Recieve both the Elder Maul + Twisted Bow as a drop. I will come back and edit this as needed, to keep people updated on how far I am into current goals and change things up if I think of anything new. Thank you for reading, Souly.
  15. Guide to Flower Gambling

    Oh nice, fair enough well cheers for letting me know all that.