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      Be sure to set an in-game security pin to protect your account from being hijacked. Many databases have been leaked from previous servers, this information includes bank pins, passwords, etc. Make sure you do not use any same information from other websites or servers.


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  1. New Signature [For Me]!

    All I'm seeing is .png file names. Very odd... EDIT: That was on my phone. On my PC I can see them now... It looks amazing!! Excellent work Inside!
  2. #ZAM zamorak pvm/chilling clan

    This seems like a pretty cool idea. Not seen anything like this before. Good luck with it, I hope it works out for you man.
  3. Only took 2k kills

    Congratulations Leigh! Good job!
  4. Staff Update 09/18/2017

    Congratulations everyone on some very well deserved promotions. Thank you also to the staff team for giving me a shot at Server Support. I won't let you down. I hope that those who have left don't leave forever - hope to continue seeing you grinding in-game!
  5. I broke a mirror the other day - that's 7 years bad luck. My lawyer thinks he can get me 5. 

  6. Its time

    Sad to see you go dude. Wish you all the best with OSRS. Please drop in from time to time to say "Hi" to us all. Don't be a stranger! Permedd quits once he reaches max total level in post counts... coincidence?
  7. Weekly Stories Epi. 1

    Don't apologise for serving your country brother. Massive round of applause for you dude. Legit. It's an extremely commendable thing you've done and you should be proud! Glad to have you come back to us safe and sound.
  8. Pvm grind today paid off!

    Sharing = caring Congrats buddy, that's a good days work imo!
  9. At what age is it appropriate to tell my dog that he's adopted?

    1. Logaaaan


      Never, that's animal cruelty.

  10. GFX Resignation & leaving Zamorak

    Don't be a stranger!
  11. Nivo's Updated Bank V3

    Seriously though... well done dude!
  12. Dragon Crossbow

    I think this is a great idea to revitalise pvming in the wildy. +1 for the addition of Vet'ion.
  13. Noting Ancient Bones.

    Support from me. Providing that it's actually possible to implement of course. Thanks for using the template Logaaaan!
  14. Homie spazzin out.

    "Boy" @Taverly I like to this he's dancing in his own special way
  15. Just wanted to share something that happend

    Your luck is not real. I'm gonna try your method for magic fang. "Look how unlucky I am. No magic fang" Lancelot has received 1x Magic Fang from z S2