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  1. Woodcutting and Firemaking Guide

    Written and formatted well, as well as informative. Thanks and good job.
  2. Zamorak Announcement 11/26/17

    It honestly saddens me how much RuneScape Private Servers have decreased in population and activity. I've been playing them since 2007 and have made many awesome memories, as well as met many great and long-term friends - a few who I have actually met in person as well. I know everything comes to its end eventually, but in all honestly, I would be very sad once RuneScape Private Servers meet their end. Your enthusiasm and motivation is definitely healthy for Zamorak's present and future, as well as the community. Your lack of activity is definitely understandable, personal life comes before anything else - no matter what (best of luck with your finals, by the way). I do look forward to when December arrives and you begin an advertising campaign. I do hope for the very best for Zamorak, let's do our very best to make it revive and grow in population and activity together - here's to the future.
  3. Server Update 11/1/17

    Sweet updates, looking forward to getting into action in the new PvP instance area content. Thanks and good job, Titan & Vinny!
  4. BIG BOI BETS - Titan goes all out

    800B for a kiteshield - I'm speechless! Congratulations on the big win, unlucky to Titan.
  5. Favourite Fight Scene From A Movie

    Whatever movie it may be, from any era and genre, post your favorite fight scene. I have quite a few, but this is one of my favorites from Jack Reacher:
  6. October 2017 Community Monthly Awards [Winner's]

    Congratulations to all the monthly winners, very well-deserved.
  7. Anniversary Giveaway Results

    Congratulations on the big wins, guys!
  8. Newspaper - Questions Of The Week

    @Titan - Which project/content did you most and least enjoy working on? @Taven - Old school player who is still active (so it seems). What's your favourite memory here on Zamorak?
  9. Holiday Events

    I absolutely love hosting and participating in events. For me, if there was one thing about RuneScape/Private Servers that I appreciate the most over the 10 years I've been playing the both, it wouldn't be the levels, the quests or other various achievements I've had. Sure, those are other things I remember, but the one thing that kept me excited to keep on playing would be the communities, friends I met, and events. Granted, the overall community atmosphere in RuneScape/Private Servers has changed a bit - back then, people played for fun, and now the general attitude seems to be "No XP waste" (which I get, people want to be efficient in their playtime), however, I'm sure there are still plenty of people out there who don't mind wasting experience, and would be more than up for popping along to participate in an activity and engage in some fun with other people. Hide and Seek events are always enjoyable, mainly because it's not a pay-to-win event, thus giving everyone who participates the same level of chance to win. I was a Community Manager for another RuneScape Private Server earlier this year and I absolutely loved hosting them. Sometimes I would livestream and block my whole screen and then show very little of it, which players would then have to guess where I was hiding. Examine events are fun as well, you examine something and then enter it in the global chat or clan chat, which players would then have to guess what I examined. I've always loved the bigger and more intense events, however. PvM events are fun, especially the boss masses. Reward the one who gets the kill/loot, and the reward would be better depending on what loot was obtained. Oh, and Fashion Show events are good too. This event is where people bring their Fashion-Scape to the trust test adn show their creativity. There will be one or few judges (Staff Members usually), who choose their top 3-5 participants and those winners receive rewards. I'm not exactly sure how active the PK scene is here on Zamorak currently, but Hybrid Tournaments, Dharok's Tournaments, Pure Tournaments and other tournaments alike are crazy, yet fun as well. There are events that will entertain and bring enjoyment to the community, as well as help Zamorak itself also. Some being Voting Competitions, Promotional Video Competitions, PK Video Competitions, etc. Staff verses World is an epic event, but you definitely need more than one person to help you out with it, and you also need good organisation skills and patience. I'll explain the event better if you like the sound of it.
  10. The Drop of Dreams

    Congratulations, man! I love the weapon, I hope to get one myself one day.
  11. two elder mauls in one day gg

    Extremely lucky, congratulations! Let's hope that hasn't ruined your RNG. What are those keys in your inventory by the way?
  12. I finally made it.

    That's a lovely bank you have there, I'm jealous! What's the most expensive item shown in the image, and how much is a partyhat set?
  13. Whats good?

    Your name is rather familiar (from another RuneScape Private Server obviously, as I'm new here, ha-ha). Welcome back to Zamorak, man!
  14. 2 Year Anniversary

    Congratulations on your 2 year anniversary, Vinny! I'm fairly new to Zamorak, so I'll say my first impressions, rather than my favourite features, which I hope will count - I still want to share my first impressions regardless. Staff & Community - Welcoming, friendly, and helpful. Felt like at home the moment I joined. Staff are quick at responding to questions and are always there and available when you're in need of assistance. The community is friendly and helpful in the Help clan chat. You ask a question in there and you always receive an answer to it instantly. Website & Forum - Homepage is eye-catching and designed nicely. Forum is neat and user-friendly, it's easy to find what you're looking for. The forum is also active, which I love, as my passion is definitely the forum environment, because I do enjoy building conversations, and different camaraderie with people on them. Good luck, everyone!
  15. TV Shows You're Currently Watching

    I hope you enjoy them! Why are you not a fan of The Walking Dead? Just not your type of thing, or?