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  1. A few suggestions

    I want to put together a list of what i think are some good suggestions that could improve game play for us and possibly further interest new players who are just joining as well. I apologize for any that have already been suggested many times or need client dev to do so. Player owned shops - A lot of people say there is trouble in buying or selling items, so this could help a potential seller find a buyer(and vise versa) easier. it could get rid of people always trying to yell to buy/sale. Have it in the Varrock square and and it could bring players back to the market/shops area possibly. Bank search & more space - I know the search option has been suggested already but it would be very useful. We could also use more bank space because i feel like what we have is not much space for us to be able to store everything we want, and i was told that having a mule just to carry items is illegal so maybe push that 350 up to at least 450 which is what i believe Runescape had. Better Stores - I feel that most of the stores are not too useful or beneficial and id like to list them and what i believe could possibly help. Vote Points Store - Not many vote much anymore and i think its because its not worth the time to vote everyday for the prizes that are in the store especially with 2 sites being down right now. Maybe add a few items of high value that are sought after a lot and it would motivate people to vote everyday. Donor Token Stores - There is only a couple things in the stores that are worth buying to resell or use rather than selling the tokens for more, so right now those 3 stores are kind of useless. I think adjusting the prices of the items in the stores based off the 80-120m price of tokens would give something for players to use their tokens on. Donor Island Stores - The first shop for a 10$ donation has all barrows, PVP rings, boots and zamorak brews which are all very useful, but the rest of them only have maybe 1 or 2 things that are useful and some of them have the same items such as dragon fire arrows and staff of light for 50-300$ donations(I have not seen ::ldi or ::pdi stores yet). I feel they should add more PVP and PVM gear and maybe some cosmetics or something based off each donation tier. Slayer points Store - None of the items in the slayer points and boss slayer points stores are really worth doing slayer for. Maybe adding items that are useful to PVM such as Blood Necklace, D Kite, Primal rapier would give a better reason to grind out some slayer and accumulate a lot of points. Also adding a block task option for like 250 boss points(for example) and add a bigger task option for similar points could be a useful addition. More mini-games - Other than PVM and Gambling and not many pk much on here, i sometimes feel like there's not much to do. Right now there is only 5 minigames(only 2 that people can play together). Adding more mini-games could give everyone more to do and maybe a daily leader board for PVP with rewards or something, to bring life back to Pking. Summoning - Most players on here enjoy doing PVM and i remember another server i played that was similar had Summoning and you could have a familiar to follow you and help you in combat and you were able to summon better followers depending on your level and using them in combat is how you leveled summoning up. I was never a summoning fan but i found that very useful and i think it could be a good fit to this server. Tokhaar-Kal-Ket - This is just a small suggestion but i always liked this cape. Its the Kiln that has fire down the middle of it. Maybe add it for like 10 donor tokens or add another harder jad wave for it. I Enjoy this server even if these are not Implemented. any feedback is appreciated
  2. Legendary Donator

    Username: Schofield Rank: Legendary Donator Primary or Secondary: Primary Proof (screenshot/Video)
  3. The Giveaway video (ENDED)

    nice vid. awesome giveaway and thanks again for hosting.
  4. Small suggestion

    this is a cool idea and i always thought just adding summoning in general would be cool and could really benefit PVMers or even skilling.

    event was fun! thank you again
  6. buying and selling

    im buying 100$ donation box and im selling a odium ward! pm me ingame or on forums.
  7. maxed

    damn pretty nice bro
  8. Bangerrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    i can get jiggy to dis shiet.
  9. #AoDD

    Username: Schofield Highest boss KC: Skill at 99: Do you have Skype for CC: yes
  10. skeletors ultimate donator giveaway v2!

    good luck everyone! p.s. i also am wearing a 99 slayer cape but it wouldnt allow me to post a pic of the rear view -.-
  11. 12 days of Christmas [giveaway]

    what were the results for day 7 and 9?
  12. Big QOL suggestion list.

    id also like to see shift-click to drop, fix duel arena(alot of people ask about this), and maybe even better donator island shops...i feel like the first one at ::di is the best one and the others are kinda pointless.
  13. Vengepk bank v5 ?

    pretty sweet bank. nice
  14. Despcx bank

    somewhere between 200-220b i believe.
  15. 12 days of Christmas [giveaway]

    377 Merry Christmas and good luck everyone!