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  1. I finally did it!

    What a nice achievement, congratulations buddy! Would be nice to see a trimmed comp cape for all achievements done/all content unlocked, right?

    I can't pk for my life but this event was super cool, even tho i didn't win anything
  3. skeletors ultimate donator giveaway v2!

    if anyone else is looking, here is the winner's outfit: Gz Yetti!
  4. Drops from 1000 Cerberus kills!

    Damn, that's really nice man... congratulations
  5. thieving evnt

    why am i never on when this happens xD Gz to the winners
  6. maxed

    Maxed guys! It's actually closer to 28h of actual gameplay, since i fell asleep and forgot my character on for 5 hours...
  7. Big QOL suggestion list.

    Full support
  8. 12 days of Christmas [giveaway]

    I would like to pick the Holy number 7! IGN: Slay n Roses
  9. Super Donator

    Hello, I would like the Super Donator rank in the forums please Username: Slay n Roses Rank: Super Donator Primary or Secondary: Primary Proof (screenshot/Video)