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      Be sure to set an in-game security pin to protect your account from being hijacked. Many databases have been leaked from previous servers, this information includes bank pins, passwords, etc. Make sure you do not use any same information from other websites or servers.


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  1. Server Update 2/28/17

    Wasn't a null at all, it was how the logout queue was written. Instead of looping all of the people, it got stuck trying to logout the first person who was unable to logout because of being in combat. It now loops everyone properly.
  2. New & Improved Combat System

    Where are my credits for quite a bit of this.
  3. 200m Capes & Quick Prayers

    Because of the challenge of it being iron man mode.. I don't see whats so hard to understand about that. Just because the experience is faster doesn't mean its any easier to get.
  4. 200m Capes & Quick Prayers

    Because theres no reason that a person who is on easy should be able to boast about having a 200m cape when its not as much of an accomplishment.
  5. 200m Capes & Quick Prayers

    Nice job Titan, you do such great work. I love your programming skills. Such a l33t coder. Its almost like you knew the players wanted quick prayers, so you went ahead and added them.
  6. World 2?

    I don't believe this will be happening, so I wouldn't worry about it too much.
  7. World 2?

    Instead of ruining the server by making ultimate iron man only, you come up with some realistic ideas. PvP based server with pking as the main priority. PvP world server with everywhere outside of edgeville as a combat zone (wilderness intact). Deadman mode type server. Hardcore server. Easy server with fast leveling for easier gameplay. Potentially spawn server with restrictions to more important items. PvP server with settings levels but no spawning. You guys have NO creativity when it comes to updates and it really annoys me not seeing what zamorak COULD become. I'm glad that Titan decided to contact me about potentially helping out with a second world. Let me know what you guys think about any of these potential server types.
  8. Oldschool Zone

    Clearly you didn't read my reply, this would actually be very simple to do and to fully set it up and have people testing it would take roughly an hour at the most.
  9. Oldschool Zone

    That's not quite what I mean by searching for 100 people. Say you have 6 people on your blacklist. player1, player2, player3, player4, player5, player6. If you were to attack player 5, it will check players 1-4 before reaching 5 due to how this list has been sorted. Which means it would have to of looped 5 times. Now say that you attacked player7, he's not on this list so it would loop through players 1 - 6 before realizing the player isn't there and then continuing on to attack. Now You've looped 6 times without needing too. To counteract this, a 3 player limit would be sufficient. And in order to add a new player, you would need to talk to an npc of some sort, or maybe a board where you can view the currently blacklisted players. That way, you cannot add a player while in the wilderness already being attacked. This really boils down to whether or not other players would like something like this.
  10. Oldschool Zone

    The problem lies in the fact that we have to save that entire list. Once you start adding tens of people, it increases the size of your character log quite a bit, and in doing so increases the time it takes to actually read the entire character file. Then you have to take into account that each time you attack somebody, it has to check n(#) amount of times to see if the persons username actually exists. And if you have say 100 people blacklisted, its going to check 100 times everytime you click on the person.
  11. Oldschool Zone

    That was the goal, to increase pking by introducing a separate division of pkers. How about this: PK Modes, old school / new school. You would have a custom skull based on your mode, or something along those lines?
  12. Oldschool Zone

    Time waste? It would take me like 10 minutes tops to create this. Can you name 1 server with this actually implemented that has an actual active wilderness? Doing that wouldn't be feasable at all, as you would have to continually add names to a 'blacklist'. And you guys can always suggest a better way to approach this instead of just disagreeing with me. This is merely a suggestion and not something that is guaranteed to be added.
  13. Oldschool Zone

    Yeah thats true, I've just seen a lot of people making suggestions to ban dung equipment from the wilderness. This would actually solve that and potentially increase pking.
  14. Oldschool Zone

    Something I haven't seen any other server actually do yet so this would be interesting to see added. A pking area where you can only use items present currently in old school to PK with. This would exclude any and all pvp armor, dungeoneering armor (potentially claws?). I feel some people don't pk because the server isn't exactly balanced out with all of the newer equipment. I feel this would definitely help even the odds and give rune/dragon armor a purpose. I'm not entirely certain where this could take place, other then maybe a different height level in the wilderness? What are your guys thoughts on this? If you like this idea, where would you like to see it be added?
  15. Iron man

    Wrong section, please make a bug report and appeal instead. Closed