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  1. Drop ideas of what boss you want me to do a loot from 200 of!

    1. Braxton


      Already done 105 of him. 2 korasi's is all. Don't have the proper gear until Jipo Specz gets on again :P But will do it!

    2. Yor


      Loot from 200 Abduls

    3. Prock


      Loot from 200 Glod?

  2. Loot from 105 King Black Dragons!

    I camped Tarn for about 20 hours non-stop.
  3. Camped for at least 4-5 hours
  4. My Introduction

    Nice! I train Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ), Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, Wrestling, Kickboxing, and Grappling!
  5. My Introduction

    Is Taekwondo the only style you train? Anyways, welcome to Zamorak!
  6. Sorry for the constant DC's! I'll be back at my mom's house tomorrow and start being on 15-20 hours again!

  7. Hey guys!

    It's more or less 15-20 hours at a time lol.
  8. Hey guys!

    Just because I haven't made an introduction yet, my name is Braxton, I'm 15, I like to train MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) Skateboard, and I rap. I'm on at least 10-15 hours a day so if you need help, feel free to PM me! (Hawain Kush is my In-game name) Looking forward to seeing all of you in-game!
  9. Here you go Dslayer

    @Dslayer http://imgur.com/aMNkCke
  10. Ultimate Cheese Burger.

    That looks incredibly good.
  11. Free graphics!

    As most of you know, I'm starting to do graphic work and I need some people to help me get familiar with it a bit more. Use this format and i'll do my best! Text: Render*: Color of Text: Smoke Effects? Y/N: **Render must have transparent background! Thanks, ~Braxton
  12. Jamie's siggy.

    Are you making fun of me?!
  13. First ever signature!

    I just started to learn how to use Paint.net after @Lue told me about it and this is what i came up with! http://imgur.com/c2M3DVF http://imgur.com/1ZcA2V3 My signature for when I have over 1,000 of all bosses killed ^ What do you think?
  14. Here Lue

    http://imgur.com/pWfSUYCHmmm know how to make the background transparent?
  15. Here Lue