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  1. (Re)Introduction~

    Thanks bro. How've you been? ^-^
  2. (Re)Introduction~

    Thanks man. Hope to meet you in game sometime.
  3. (Re)Introduction~

    Hello! I've been a staff member here for quite a while and due to complications I had to step away from it. Now that almost a year has passed I got in contact with Titan and after a nice and good talk he decided to remove my IP bans and give back my forum and game account. Some of you might already know me. And for those who don't. My name is Smous! Nice to meet you guys! I already met some new people and seen some old faces. I'm happy to meet everyone of you!
  4. Custom Items

    I've already deleted it before you were able to ask mate.
  5. ~Smous's Signature Shop~

    I should've mentioned that this was just a joke. But if people really want a signature like that, from me. I don't mind making one.
  6. Show off your Desktop! :)

    All looking so nice and clean. :c
  7. Custom Items

    Deleted your other thread since it was a double post Wizard of Oz
  8. ~Smous's Signature Shop~

    I personally like them a lot
  9. ~Smous's Signature Shop~

    Some fine art eh?
  10. ~Smous's Signature Shop~

    Signature for Wizard of Oz Signature for Chris Lost inspiration. Gg. Ill do some more later
  11. Show off your Desktop! :)

    As the title says. Just no porn. And must have the Zamorak Client somewhere on your desktop! Zamorak client is in the right bottom corner.
  12. Lagado's here :D

    Welcome to Zamorak! Hope you'll enjoy your stay!
  13. King is here

    Hey man! Welcome to the cult! Hope you'll enjoy your stay.
  14. ~Helluva Good Herb Shop!~ (potions4sale)

    1M each for Extreme range? o.o How much do you buy Grenwall spikes for mate?
  15. ~Smous's Signature Shop~

    You had one job. Fill in a simple form. Nah. ME1?!@??#@!#@!!!!!! MEEMEEE!!! Fill in the form and I'm yours<3 I was hoping for those awesome replies. XD