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    Unless this Elite clue took like 4 hours, if they are all like this, it will most likely ruin all the items in elite clues..

    3 vine whips from 1 elite clue? WHY?
  3. prestige store suggestions

    Unless he can separate rewards for extreme and ironman. You shall never know my suggestions!
  4. Giveaway [ENDED]

    I'm not entering I was just asking a simple question, Because unless you hide their old intros, there's will be two intros from multiple people.
  5. Giveaway [ENDED]

    This doesn't answer my question..
  6. Giveaway [ENDED]

    What about the people who already made an introduction, do they have to make another one? Or Could the just go in and put a number on it?
  7. Suggestion on the Community

    I think you should change your title. Though the post does have "two" players saying it is dying, this is more of a giant suggestion list from multi-able people speaking their mind. Also people wanting P.O.S, this isn't an easy thing to code. So be patient or stfu and stop crying about it. Last, you can say the server is dying and that's cause it is, but you can't just point out zamorak for it's player base declining. Almost every server you go to is dying besdies a few good pk servers, and this is mainly because the rsps scene itself is dying.
  8. Forum Update 8/7/17

    LOL AT ALL YOU LOSERS WITH THE WHITE BACKGROUNDS!!! https://gyazo.com/e0a830028fcc1dbfa7767938327f04d9
  9. Forum suggestions

    I honestly don't see much if anything you can do to increase the activity of forums, especially if you guys want it to be constantly active.
  10. Skotizo Guide

    So as most of you people know there was a new boss added into the game. and there have been pretty many players that have been asking for a guide for it, so here is a quick on. So as most you know there was a new boss added in game and there has been a lot of you asking for a guide, so here's a quick one. Thought I help you out.!
  11. issa me

    Nice to meet you!
  12. A Few Things I've Noticed.

    1st: This is a good idea, but I feel like this would just become dead content. 2nd: Would be useless, you already have unlimited teleport's the only thing that would even be good for this is that you teleport straight to the slayer master, which would be pointless since he's literally 5 feet away from when you use the home tele. 3rd: This is generally hard to code, and with you saying adding inferno, you're most likely wanting the whole fight, but it would most likely just be like jad and just be one big wave. The rest are pretty good.
  13. #EzPz

    B O T H O F Y O U P L E A S E J U S T E N D I T, T H A N K S!
  14. #EzPz

    K Y S P L Z S H I T T E R !