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  1. I believe the main reason it's tokens is because it's generally easier for them to give out.
  2. With the same builds I can kind of agree, but you can still just build dusk and anything after. There isn't really a reason to not build dusk it's so strong right now, especially if you're going to rank with him.
  3. You know there is an "edit" button for a reason...
  4. wot champion isn't even close to being busted, he's more balanced then any of the last like 6 champs they released
  5. Looks like your testing builds, duskblade is a 100% item build, it's such a good item atm since the changes.
  6. Hmmmm, It wouldn't be a to bad of an idea, but this is the only monster in-game that does this I do believe, and you can just buy restore pots from the store
  7. Must not want that spread sheet so much then.
  8. Or don't be lazy and go in-game and search the bosses drops.!
  9. This has to be the dumbest shit ever to be posted on this topic and there are a lot of mentally challenged people commenting on this.. Please just never post on this thread again or you'll get the heat.
  10. First off I'm going to start by saying thank you to everyone who entered in the giveaway. Now, the way was picked the winner. Permedd and I read through all the comments and really enjoyed reading everyone's likes/dislikes. Now we picked who we thought should win and it was between 5 people, but the one that stood out was... - In-Game Name: Free Kills - What You like/love about Zamorak: I love the community, the staff, and the players. All the staff are so supportive and make you want to play and will help you through anything, even if it is time consuming. The Community are mainly good eggs, of course you have some bad ones but that's life! People are so polite and help just like staff an even give items to new players to help them out. If you feel any different, then you must not be paying attention to the server. This is my favorite Runescape private server I have ever play and I highly doubt that will change. - What You Hate about Zamorak: Not much to hate other than little glitches and the trading system. I would also remove the Summoning Orbs near the Hitppoints and the Prayer Orb since their is no summoning and would be great to find an way to do dungeoneering or get faster tokens since it would take 18 hours to get 1 chaotics if you do not have an Anger Sword. - 1-500:427 Congratulations on your Anger sword win! I feel like this was a very positive giveaway. It allows/allowed Titan to read what everyone likes/dislikes, which should allow him to aim majority of the next upcoming updates/fixes in that general direction. I enjoyed doing this giveaway and I wish everyone a Happy Sunday! Sincerely, Chris
  11. Give away is now over and i will be having snax lock this thread.. I will be announcing the winner in a new thread when I am done reading all the comments.
  12. But the numbers have nothing to do with winning?? maybe you should try and not assume something and make yourself look dumb
  13. Hello ladies and gentlemen of Zamorak, today I will be doing my first and probably only "Anger sword" giveaway. As many of you know I don't play much I simply just afk and talk crap to people but today I decided to be nice and do this giveaway. This will probably be my only good deed of the year for you guys so I thought I make it BIG. I hope you guys enjoy this and I can't wait to hopefully read a bunch of comments. Down Below you will find out how to enter. How To Enter: - Down Below fill out the Following Format: - In-Game Name: - What You like/love about Zamorak: - What You Hate about Zamorak: - 1-500: Giveaway will end on Sunday whenever I get on! (10am-12pm Pacific Time) Rules: - Only 1, The account Name you put above must be unbanned. If you're banned you will not win the prize. ONCE AGAIN GOOD LUCK TO ALL WHO ENTER. Sincerely, Chris
  14. With this being true about the wings and death cape. You cannot use them in the wilderness like you can with max/comp camp. Bardaloo So you're disagreeing with graceful being added because you wanna be selfish and not look for a new custom? I honestly support all of these except the mith/addy/runite bars using less ore.