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      Be sure to set an in-game security pin to protect your account from being hijacked. Many databases have been leaked from previous servers, this information includes bank pins, passwords, etc. Make sure you do not use any same information from other websites or servers.


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    Well hello there I have touched a computer again since my travels for the past 6 months. Getting ready for my next trip as I require to renew my Working Holiday Travel Visa and I shall be poppin back up in here for the next few days. Hope to see some old peeps on ts. Bro is in the GAME!
  2. Ironmanlife- Ducky's Log

    Gratz on the drops! Good luck with your iron man account. The chest plate will come haha.
  3. Female Vocal's Introduction

    Welcome! Hope to see you in-game and good luck with your iron man!
  4. Ironman luck... Cant believe it...

    Good stuff! Now go get the rest of the shield haha.
  5. ZamorakRSPS - Rune Me / Elijah Gamble / Winnings

    You got some good luck going on there. Im sure a lot of us wish we had the same haha!
  6. New Black-Jack rule? (Gambling rule)

    If you spelled "stay" on accident and you wanted to say "hit," I think you got bigger problems than gambling my friend.
  7. Nerts Ironman Log! (Updated daily)

    Best of luck Nert! Glad to see you back and with something to keep you occupied
  8. More Gold Into Economy

    I also believe skilling should be a way of making more money as Logan said. ALSO, would love to see gold put back into pvp after each kill. If you want to really do something cool with skilling, have it so after so much exp earned, receive a skill point, then use the skill points to purchase money sacks maybe. If you don't want gold, then you can buy other items in the shop. Just a suggestion, this could go in other ways or brought into more detail haha.
  9. Move Market to Varrock?

    I like it, embrace the change! I also think theres a lot of other cool maps that could be better than varrock. Maybe make it a place you don't usually see in every server?
  10. Zamorak: 350+ Players Celebration

    Good job Titan, and good job to everyone who stuck around to see this through!
  11. My current signature.

    Nice siggy, good luck! Make some money! haha
  12. Zamorak News: April

    Amazing stuff Abdul! Keep it up! Glad to see money going towards advertisements. Shows dedication.
  13. Things i hate & love

    It seems like you have a real love/hate relationship going on with your life. I also think Vinny was accidentally put on the wrong side of the list?
  14. Ashy's introduction

    Ooooooh talk dirty to me
  15. I'm resigning

    Good luck in life! Always enjoyed hanging out and all that fun stuff on teamspeak!