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      Be sure to set an in-game security pin to protect your account from being hijacked. Many databases have been leaked from previous servers, this information includes bank pins, passwords, etc. Make sure you do not use any same information from other websites or servers.

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  1. Resignation

    Dear members, For some of you this might've been a long time coming as my activity within the RSPS scene has been diminishing. With regret I write my public resignation from Zamorak. Thanks for the good times and I hope Zamorak will strive forward with Abdul leading it. Yours sincerely, Apache Ah64
  2. Dear members, The following updates were done to the forum today. An issue has been fixed with uploading profile pictures. An issue has been fixed with uploading profile covers. An issue has been fixed when acknowledging a warning given by a staff member. Moderators can no longer permanently ban people. This must be done by administrators. Reputations are properly shown on profile pages now. Signature images are now properly proxied through EmbedGuard. An issue has been fixed with creating, editing and voting on polls. An issue regarding members online today not resetting activity has been fixed. Yours sincerely, Apache Ah64
  3. Bump Button

    I'm trying to make the forum have a bit more activity, therefore I have neglected to add a bump button. I would rather see people manually bumping by replying on a topic for now.
  4. Merry Christmas!

    Test post because Abdul claims its slow or some shit
  5. Time for me to introduce myself aswell.

    Always nice to see a fellow Dutchie.
  6. Selling shoutbox

    1. Pen Griffey

      Pen Griffey

      How much apache attack helicopter

  7. Forum Upgrade

    Dear members, As you can see I've just updated the forum. In the following course of time I'll slowly be implementing and writing back the code for the enhancements we used to have on the previous version of our forum. Next to that we are working on a custom theme for the forum software implementation we are using for this community. This custom theme will seamlessly integrate with the rest of the website flow on this website. Yours sincerely, Apache Ah64
  8. Store update

    Dear members, We've just updated the store on our precious website. Please, report any bugs to us so we can patch them. We hope you like it. I'd also like to clear up that donating for items does count towards your total donated now. http://zamorak.net/store.html Yours sincerely, Apache Ah64
  9. Hiscores update

    I can change my own post count.
  10. Hiscores update

    Dear members, It's been a while since I've posted. It's my pleasure to announce that we've finally finished the hiscores in the improvements we've been doing to the website. We released the new overall hiscores page a while back but we have finished the user and compare page now, as well. We will soon follow with adding other game modes as well. Yours sincerely, Apache Ah64
  11. Your donald trump signature reminds me of Stuart.
  12. A neat little list of RSPS domains registered on the same CloudFlare account that was used to open these phishing sites. I found it particularly funny how rune.live is on there as always. [10/24/16, 8:41:31 AM] apachenick: hadesrs.com [10/24/16, 8:41:35 AM] apachenick: ikovps.biz [10/24/16, 8:41:39 AM] apachenick: osrscontent.com [10/24/16, 8:41:46 AM] apachenick: rune.live [10/24/16, 8:41:49 AM] apachenick: simplicity-rsps.com [10/24/16, 8:41:53 AM] apachenick: trinityrsps.com [10/24/16, 8:41:57 AM] apachenick: zamorrak.com
  13. Bug abuse

    jonny and stuart going @ it
  14. Flame Wars (Season 1) [ENDED]

    Look in the mirror. You're the most incompetent piece of shit on the internet. If I had to choose between a owning Zamorak with a Moroccan rock and you I would choose the Moroccan rock anytime.
  15. add this command

    Not happening.