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  1. KBD Drops

    it's a safeboss, it's shouldn't have great rewards, thus why I am against the amount of "wildy bosses" in donator zones and like lesarkus being one hell of an easy boss, dropping such things as torva, this shouldve been added to/left on the drop table of shadow forger.
  2. Nser the god returns

    Aren't you that guy that would walk around with staff of light and tank gear and thought he was ragging?
  3. At everything comes an end

    thought your ass wasnt even active on this forums anymore might hop on every now and then not 100% sure tho aight lemme put you in the thread pleb
  4. At everything comes an end

    Thank you, keep up with your work on da forums/events, ya doin good Will be online every now and then, thanks, hope you'll have a good life too It was a pleasure to meet you too peace
  5. At everything comes an end

    Dear Community of Zamorak, I have played this game for a very long time, and I know I have been a cunt a few times but yeah. It's been quite fun ride and I've decided to finally quit. Reasoning behind this has nothing to do with anyone, but with runescape, I have been playing lots of runescape lately and been enjoying it a lot. Some of you might be happy, some of you might be sad to see me go. If you wish to add me on RS please feel free to drop a PM or leave a comment down below and ill PM you my RSN As of players that I'm fortunate to have met, I wish you the best to all of you: The one and only Splitbrid Permedd, the ex-staff who didn't know how to get to venenatis/got me back into osrs Yor, stronk ass ex gamble addict S A G E, never known to be a good pker FeelsBadMan Mr Dslayer, the one who laughed when he 1 hit me with thok's sword Jinqs, who plays osrs with me now frequently c: And all the other people I forgot/ forgot to mention I wish all of you the best of luck and lots of fun on Zamorak. PS. Thanks @@Nert for the 1m rune arrows, nice abyssal dagger too Peace, - Daily Dosis
  6. funny how people rag after just one brid fight.. seems like some people get upset real quick :]

  7. Permedd's Sale

    Deathcape 2b-3b 900m is all u get, u still owe me 57b
  8. I'm Back reason why i quit explained below

    All his vids would contain is him dying 24/7 FeelsBadMan
  9. Zamorak activity though!

    1 Word: EVENT
  10. Ragging Makes ::Edge Active 100%

    let me make this clear.. Ragging is a part of the game... most likely if you don't talk trash or act like an idiot, you won't get ragged.. The people who complained about ragging before the ragging rule came out were either rushers, flamers and/or trashtalkers. Anyways this is indeed a way to make the wild active.. i've been told several times that the wild would be active.. i've been told this 2 months ago.. the wild has been more empty than before.. hence why i barely log in anymore
  11. Weapons

    Hello players of Zamorak, I would like to make a suggestion about weapons.. As you see below some weapons don't have their correct max hits.. dragon dagger with spec hits lower than dragon dagger without spec.. that doesn't seem right? And dragon scimitar being equal in max hit with rune dagger doesn't seem correct either. TBF it's not about nerfing weapons.. it's due to the armour why the max is so high.. might want to rebalance gear instead of weapons max hit.. nuff said compare to rune dagger what is wrong with dragon halberd's str bonus? it's supposed to be 89 see here: http://2007.runescap.../Dragon_halberd compare to rune dagger the max above is without spec and the max hit below is with spec
  12. Pking Rewards

    support.. it might even make wildy more active..
  13. Ragging.

    someone that actually knows what he's talking about..
  14. Multilogging in Wilderness

    well at the moment people multilog to use the second account as "scout", which doesn't causes any problem tbh? and honestly if someone 2v1s you (same person), i'm pretty sure you can easily kill them