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      Be sure to set an in-game security pin to protect your account from being hijacked. Many databases have been leaked from previous servers, this information includes bank pins, passwords, etc. Make sure you do not use any same information from other websites or servers.


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  1. I have finally gotten my Spirit Cape after many days of slaving Freezers! So much for the %80 drop rate increase I have.. 1/850 Spirit Cape.....
  2. K0S0VA's demote??

    Ultimately it's no one's decision besides the staff promoting/demoting. We can rant all we want about K0s0va or even Hubert being demoted, but it will get no where. Promotions and Demotions are for a reason, questioning that reason without the full story is useless. This thread won't get far..everything is meant to happen for a reason.
  3. Elite Clue Scroll Rewards

    You guys clearly have NOT done a single Elite Clue Scroll. I'm asking them to remove Elegant, god armour, boater hats.. etc. from the "ELITE" scroll table of items. Those do NOT belong in the Elite Scroll rewards, those need to stay in the Easy, Medium, Hard clues.. Replace those items with lets say, 20-30m items, something worth actually doing a clue scroll for. Don't bother replying to this thread if you have never done an Elite Clue Scroll.
  4. Elite Clue Scroll Rewards

    It takes 1 full hour to complete an elite clue, mind you it took an even longer time to obtain the elite clue scroll in the first place. The rewards are terrible and need to change.
  5. Make an signature for me [GREAT PAY] [6B+]

    Cul will make you a GREAT signature! PM him on the forums!!
  6. Not too shabby, but I would have went with an alternative NPC. Would like to see more! Good job!
  7. Ring of Wealth

    A small, yet exciting update would be to add the Ring of Wealth message either before or when a Unique Rare item is dropped by any NPC. Example: It would encourage people to PVM more, I always found it awesome to see this on real Runescape. I also have not seen this added to a RSPS, it would make us somewhat unique. Feel free to learn your feedback below if you feel like this could be added, thanks!
  8. Majority of Devastation's Bank

    570B total.
  9. Signature

    You can also look to buy a signature from Cul, he is making signatures!
  10. Whats with the server lag?

    Have you tried using a condom? Bigdick420
  11. A Fix to Gambling!

    I find it really damn boring seeing people scam to be honest.
  12. Casually playing fp when i get this...

    Lightning in a bottle luck! I've never even hit a 4P, nicely done!
  13. A Fix to Gambling!

    I noticed that on an alternative server, they were using a gambling system that was "scam-free". No middleman needed. Basically.. they had the server hold the items and roll the dice for them. Blackjack and 55x2 was achieved once the host sent out a dice request to the player and thus the player accepted it and they both traded their items in a separate screen. Once both players accept the trade screen, the dice rolled. Host requests to dice with you: You right click host to "dice with": Place your bet, Host matches the items: Both Accept: Dice are randomly rolled above your head, choose hit or stay (time limit of 60 seconds): I choose hit (stay 56) - Host rolls (89) - Host wins: This system of blackjack is a replica of the duel arena, making it scam free. This would prevent Hosts from scamming anyone and an easy alternative than relying on a MM or having to record gambling. Feel free to reply with your opinion and concerns below! Vote on the poll.
  14. yt(again)

    I'm sorry, but I find it extremely boring watching these videos.. you added music to a 8 minute video that is strictly gambling and fast forwarding? Where is the creativity or enthusiasm to make a Zamorak Video? I would develop your editing and manage different videos. A good reference would be Achilles or Shark, both make great youtube videos that are entertaining! I would not classify you as a "youtuber" promoting the server.
  15. Milf In da buildingz.

    Welcome to Zamorak Kyle! Glad you are enjoying your stay!