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  1. New Giveaway! Join Now! [Ended]

    In-game Name: Vodka Shots In-game Mode: Hard Number: 23 Thank you, and good luck guys!
  2. New & Improved Combat System

    Good job on the updates! Not a PK'er but appreciate all aspects of the community being considered!
  3. 200m Capes & Quick Prayers

    Great update! Love the quick prayers! Good job guys!
  4. Money suggestion...

    Support. We use to have "notes" which you exchanged for 500m. Not too sure why they removed but the 2 trade thing is annoying
  5. Boss Slayer Shop

    Support a revamp but good luck with shop update.. Been suggested 4 times in a month.. Still nothing sadly
  6. PvP Updates & Summoning Poll

    Yes to summoning please! I recently made a suggestion regarding wilderness activity. Wasn't totally aimed at pking.. But would definitely bring people into the wild Thanks
  7. Would appreciate feedback on my suggestions (:

  8. Buffed bosses=buffed drop rate?

    I voted yes, a small buff would be nice. It'd still be a grind to get the decent loot buffed or not, unless of course, you own a hex bow or anger sword.
  9. Skilling - Prestige system

    I'm open for reasoning with it. I only thought double as it's a lot to sacrifice 50m or even 200m xp. So it pushes a player to max again with such reward. So in total to reach untrimmed with 200m a total of 450m xp will be gained in that skill (Minus 14m when prestiging a second time)
  10. Pking/Wilderness - "wildfire"

    I don't PK. I don't really enter the wilderness much. But that wont stop me suggesting ideas as this is a communal game and not all about one type of player. Wildfire - What is it? It is an hourly "event" if you like.. Where either a player or a wilderness monster is chosen at random.. and once chosen it appears in the chat box. E.g: " NEWS! NPC - Forgotten Ranger has been chosen for wildfire! " " NEWS! Player - Vodka Shots has been chosen for wildfire! " At which point players will gear up and head off into the wilderness to kill whatever it is highlighted. It will be clearly marked with a symbol - Fireball - overhead who/what is to be killed in that hour. Once killed you will receive it's usual drops. Whether it is a pk kill or a monster kill and an additional reward. This is still undecided.. IDEA: As a base reward, additional pkp and a "Mystery" key will be earned. The Mystery key will cost 50m to use and will offer rewards ranging from common items such as barrows/dragon to high end items such as Primal etc or note - which can be exchanged for 500m cash. It could also be a way of introducing a RARE item - obtained only by this method and donating.
  11. Skilling - Prestige system

    I'm suggesting adding a prestige system to skilling on Zamorak. It is aimed at the skilling side of the community and I genuinely think it will get more people grinding at their skills. Not everyone will approve of this, but for some, it will be an incentive to train certain skills and partially to show off their cool hard earned capes. Especially if they're extreme players! It is a "life after 200m" option instead of get bored and quit right away. How does it work? Once reaching a certain amount of xp (My example here, 50m xp) in a certain skill, you have the option of prestiging in this skill. Prestiging will reset your level to 1 but in return offer you an item that gives double xp regarding that skill. E.g: "50m slayer xp achieved", Go and find the NPC. Once selecting the skill and the option to prestige your slayer will now be reset to 1 - in return you receive insulated slayer boots. These slayer boots, while slaying, provide x2 xp, and stacks with goodwill well (when active). This can be exploited with other skills, such as: Lumberjack clothing - woodcutting Mining helmet - mining Desert robes - Firemaking Barb tailed harpoon - Fishing Chefs hat/cooking gauntlets - Cooking Boots of lightness/spottier cape - Agility Rogue or Highway mask - Thieving Moonclan robes - Runecrafting Magic Secateurs - Farming Druids robes - Herblore Goldsmith Gauntlets - Smithing Lederhosen outfit - Fletching Larupia outfit - Hunter Brown Apron - Crafting Further prestige options: Once reaching 200m xp. You now have the option to trade in your prestige item(s), and prestige again! http://i68.tinypic.com/29vkksg.png Once prestiged (for the second time) your skill will be reset to 99 (14m xp) - and you will receive the untrimmed cape in that skill (See above picture). You will receive x3 xp when training this skill and wearing the 200m prestige cape. The design of the cape can vary, if possible i'd love some sort of "master capes", by where there is an effect when wearing the capes if possible.
  12. Skillcape (t) Stats

    Support, providing the capes such as kiln, max/comp cape provide a greater bonus, why not?
  13. bring back ::recharge in combat...

    Defo bring back ::recharge for prayer, while in combat Especially with how long it takes to kill some of the bosses, needing to bring prayer pots again :/
  14. Suggestion

    YES to adding/improving the boss slayer shop! As a PVM player, I was considering suggesting this myself, even just m boxes and c keys - something to actively spend my points on. Support revamping the boss slayer shop.
  15. benifits of being maxed

    Surely giving maxed player a free weapon would make them donate less.. as they have been given a weapon. I do agree, there should possible be some sort of perk for being maxed/comped, rather smallish though, as you would have to consider the prize awarded and how you would spread this across the game modes (Extremes benefitting the most of course) to ensure this doesn't impact the rest of the game too much. Not a bad idea though