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    Battlefeild 3 (console)
  1. Yo

    What's up guys, this is Pendulum/ Starterr here. Only recently looked around the forums. Been playing here around 2 weeks now, maybe a while longer. I like skilling, pvming, bossing, gambling basically everything other than pking. I'm pretty friendly so pm me if you want to chat or need help with something. If you dont like banter and dry humor please don't chat with me. See you all ingame!
  2. Dkite

    gone back to 500 tickets. Kudos to titan for implementing things so quickly
  3. Dkite

    Currently the dkite is being sold from the pvp tickets store for 300 pvp tickets. Pvp tickets go for around 5m-8m each from what i've seen. This means you can grab a dkite for anywhere from 1.5b-2.4b the price is rappidly crashing. Please either pvpers dont cash out your pvp tickets so cheap or Titan please raise the price of the dkite in the pvp tickets store. Cheers for reading.
  4. ::di suggestions

    Thanks for the support on the idea guys xD
  5. ::di suggestions

    My suggestion is to put more into the ::di skilling area. As it stands there is one of each type of ore, which is good, however there is only 1 of each and they have the same respawn rate as the rocks at fally mine. Also there are no trees? So maybe add 4x the rocks or make them 4x faster? And add Magic trees?
  6. Starterr's sale

    all sold, thankyou. please close topic
  7. Starterr's sale

    All item shown are for sale, From the top; Robin hood hats 12m each Ranger boots 17m each Dragon Boots 17m each Bandos sets 150m each Zamorakian Spears 45m each Saradomin Godswords 45m each Bandos Godswords 25m each Primal 2h Swords 700m each Korasi 500m Dragon (or) set without sheild Offers Furies 17m each New Crystal Sheilds 7m each Archer Rings 7m each Berserker Rings 12m each Seers Rings 7m each Warrior Rings 2m each Holy Elixir 40m each Blessed Spirit Shields 1 00m each Agile set Offers Ring of Wealth 50m Rubber Chicken Offers Onyx Ring (i) 30m If you wish to buy please PM me in game, the prices are non negotiable and please PM me ingame if you wish to make an offer and please stat which item you are offering on. If i am offline please leave a comment with your offer or PM my this forums account. FYI The sale is on my account Starterr.
  8. Shark's 1.5b Cash Giveaway

    64 Pendulum