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      Be sure to set an in-game security pin to protect your account from being hijacked. Many databases have been leaked from previous servers, this information includes bank pins, passwords, etc. Make sure you do not use any same information from other websites or servers.


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  1. Eco reset

    where does that get the server? it will clean up 30trill item cos you gamble and most likely your not going to keep all and your going to lose them by gambling not even talking about giveaway events.
  2. Eco reset

    aint you the richest your holding the eco if your wanting a eco reset thats something good that mean you can just empty your items? there is 80 player base on zamorak and you got about 30trill +
  3. Eco reset

    ofcourse we dont want titan to eco reset everything like if someone donated for something they get it back but then there are some of the people that didnt donate for their ranks or items like me i bought all my 1.5k+ total donated + some of my items from people that donated to me and i paid them with ingame money so its kinda hard to decide if he should give everyones donated items back even though they sold it or dunno other wise
  4. Eco reset

    No point doing these kind of thread Vinny already made one and the players that said yes for eco reset won but nothing happened. Its better to just make suggestions on how to make the server better and do these where its going to be denied. But I'll still vote for yes eco reset is needed(but will not happen).
  5. Staff Updates - 03/12/2017

    Gzz to @Finch and @Casino thanks @Kobe for listening to me
  6. Neon Iron's Trusted Middle Man application

    You are one of the most trusted and never got a sanction fuck my life but yeah you got my vote bro goodluck.
  7. Jkosty, Youtuber?

    Yes and No so i wont vote but ill comment, we would need to hear your voice if we don’t it gets boring and no one will like to watch, but if you do use your voice on the vids then you got my yes vote.
  8. Banned

    I support this. i was banned on forums and took 2-3 days to get snax to answer me support !!!!!!!!
  9. PvP/Economy Change(s)

    this is a real pker ^^ and this ^^
  10. PvP/Economy Change(s)

    this wouldn't make the pvp more active? it just wouldn't be worth pking anymore lol
  11. PvP/Economy Change(s)

    Does this mean there will be a pvp world or all these spawned item will be in the eco world?
  12. grtz to my G Finch on Admin well deserved bro!

    1. Finch


      Tyvm ;) 

  13. hmm...

    1. Show previous comments  11 more
    2. Permedd


      not pvming/pking till maxed almost maxed on osrs

      going for 99 smithing then 99 wc between them im tryna go for 99 farming hehe but i am gonna try it out some time next week if im bored of skilling

    3. Pen Griffey

      Pen Griffey

      jesus i want to max too but its hard :(

    4. Permedd


      it aint hard just fking long meh i didnt wanna max i only wanted max cb account to pk then i did then i got bored went for some 99 skills now i wanna max just be dedicated and you will max takes about 2.3khours to max or some shit


  14. Zamorak

    yes rsps scene is dieing but then when theres no updates the rsps it self will die as well, I'm not against what your saying or anything but when theres no updates then the rsps it self will die as well, if you get what i mean. titan is a good developer he can do other things and not just wait for a client developer but meh. (I don't know what client develoepr will do or can do so not going in to much). I do agree with the suggestions above and they were working on something with the trade for the gamble system i think they stopped it because to many bugs or something not sure but yeah i agree with the suggestions.