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      Be sure to set an in-game security pin to protect your account from being hijacked. Many databases have been leaked from previous servers, this information includes bank pins, passwords, etc. Make sure you do not use any same information from other websites or servers.


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  1. another tmm is ss, is tmms trail ss or something? and when they get ss are they fully ss after getting promoted from tmm to ss??

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    2. Lancelot


      Ah okay! I see what you mean now.

      I don't it's a guarantee that being a tmm puts you in a position to be a staff member. It just so happens that recently,  those that have been TMMs have been deemed 'staff material'. If we look back a few months there were a few TMMs that were destined to only ever be TMMs because of how they conducted themselves in-game. I say congrats to those that have risen through the ranks and that those that hold a staff position currently are deserving of it.

    3. Danny


      Lmao you complain about shit now that your not staff, but when you where staff you didn't care, god itachi was TMM and you wanted him promoted so bad so don't act like your surprised. TMM's help out & get the trust within the community then figure they want to go further, it's not garunteed SS, thought I'd explain it just incase you forgot somehow, lol.

    4. Bardaloo


      Hmmm kinda sound like every thing in life... start low and work your way up

  2. i am not able to post the forum link here?? for some reason maybe fix it?

    i wanted to post the trusted middlemans roast thread here saying @Danny who are the new tmms??????

  3. Staff Updates - 24/01/2018

    congratz to @Leigh and @Deathrow . Lets see how the other 2 ss will do goodluck. Ughh
  4. udi wild xp

    The goodwill is on 24/7. whats the point of making extreme mode if your getting so much xp and maxing so fast? no support the only place you should get more xp is wildy and no where else. donator zones are too op as in there are so much npcs to kill no one goes to wildy even though wildy gives more drop rates. And if you the same xp in donator zones and not wildy it will just be the end of wilderness. i liked your comp suggestion but not this so no support!
  5. A few suggestions

    the player owned store was coded if im not wrong but then there were dupes. (i think player owned store will be added to Zamorak) but i still want POS added to zamorak so i support. (but vinny is adding something similar to POS as he said it in-game) More Bank Space won't be added either i think it nulls the server or dupes. (i think more bank space will not be added to Zamorak) but i still want more bank space added to zamorak so i support. Yes zamorak does need more mini-games. I support this. Tokhaar-kal-ket before adding this it will be better if the fight caves worked properly and not spawn at once i want it to have 63 waves and not 1 wave and kill all of them at once so before the Tokhaar-kal-ket cape fight cave should be fixed/re-arranged. Summoning was added by a old developer named arithium not too sure what happened but i support it as well. Great suggestion keep it up
  6. Hi @Leigh
    Hi @Casino
    Hi @Finch     for some reason i cant @ you finch rip

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    2. Leigh
    3. Casino
    4. Permedd


      hmmm just done this to get your attentions hehe wasn't hard at all :P 
      im joking l0l :P 

  7. Comp cape colors

    This will not happen. Theres something wrong with the customize and titan can't fix it, so it won't be happening, this suggestion has been suggested by me so many times but on the other hand i support it no matter what hehe xd
  8. remove this 3 day prune for shoutbox.

    thank you for the support man. yeah the only people that will not agree with me is staffs and some ex staffs so yeah, but its cool at least i got people supporting me
  9. The Giveaway video (ENDED)

    the video is goooooood, next time when you stack/spec make it slow motion i wanna see the big hits. Well done mystkitty your the only staff that does giveaway well done. congratz to the winners, nice pvp farm ebay if i was there ill be winning. but again gzz to all and thanks for the giveaway myst.
  10. remove this 3 day prune for shoutbox.

    yes! if your here for drama don't comment. As you can see i suggested something and people does agree with me so I'm not whining over nothing thanks
  11. remove this 3 day prune for shoutbox.

    I havent done anything bad, i wanna see people talk on the shoutbox not prune every 2-3 days lmfao. And lets say i wanted to flame on shoutbox i think i wouldnt be able to cos no one talks, or ill just miss the message on what the player said to me. (Not too sure why i even reply back to you but then i want to show my points even though you will not agree). Will that make a difference? Just prune when theres people spamming about their appeal/recoveries and flames etc lmfao. It helps you staff members lot more and shoutbox will be more active. But then if you guys are keep going to prune and make shoutbox dead just remove it. Shoutbox is there for a reason its not there for the looks off it. some people might not log into game and they might just uae forums. At least someone agrees with me thats not a staff member.
  12. remove this 3 day prune for shoutbox.

    don't want to change this thread from suggestion thread to flame thread but hear me out. shout box is dead you have to be honest there was a prune 2 days ago no one have talked since then. But before that prune that happened 2 days ago the shoutbox was slowly picking up as in people were having a conversation then logaan pruned it, 2 days passed not one person commented till i did today and the shout box got pruned again. I think you forum admins think that because players uses shoutbox so much you think forum lags? no it doesn't the more they use shoutbox the better it is for forums., so why prune? if theres no flame/spam/announcement why prune. ? i hate repeating my self ughh.. if anyone commenting i want a valid reason. thanks Server Clown <--- thanks to @Vinny Permedd.
  13. Title says it all. Remove this 2-3 day automatically (manually) pruning shout box. It just doesn't make sense, shout box is here to talk with other players that doesn't play the game and they only use forums but then they can not because it gets pruned every second. Forum is dead no offence and now you guys are making the shout box dead as well, well done guys. The pruning should only happen if theres a FLAME // SPAM or an important announcement going on, other then that prune shouldn't happen. I see that some staff are just doing it for the laugh of it just to show players who can prune and say 'welcome to zamorak' first. I think this is not a suggestion and you should just do what the title says Server Clown <--- thanks to @Vinny Permedd.
  14. PK EVENT

    nice your like the only staff member that does hosts well done.
  15. Farewell all :)

    i know he didn't. He shared his email and its not good to share stuff like that. Should be hidden well thats how it was we used to hide emails/skypes and other personal shit but i dont care not my email do what ever. he should rather say his discord or make them pm him on forums.