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  1. A New Era

    i cant wait that! realy! i have stayed in zamorak long time! that same will happen on pre-scape! never leave zamorak team!
  2. drop catcher (with updates)

    item what help afk pvmers take loots what they miss. item name: drop catcher what drop catcher do? pick up ur drop's in ur inventory. upgrades: like talk some npc and pay 100-400m cash for update first what get from first update: u get options on ur drop catcher. ' all rare drops moved ur bank. coins moved ur money pounch secound upgrade. 1-6b cash all rare drops moved ur bank in wilderness. that item can be lose on wildernes but usefull item in safebosse's --miksi ei--
  3. miksi ei/making fun

    Application Format Username: making fun 01.03 im miksi ei Time Zone: +2 utc State/Region: finland How many hours can you be on during the week: in week is hard to say. 8 to 15 depends What time are you usually online: 2 pm to 10pm 2am (inweek) 1pm-4m (weekend) Any past history of being staff: i have history of being staff in zamorak rsps,soul split,many others Have you been sanctioned (disciplined) before? ''say bad things against staff team'' yes. but learn my lessons never happen or broke rules again Do you have Skype: yes. i got skype How long have you been in the rsps scene: long af.. first rsps i joined when it come out abaut 10+ years ago What makes you different than others: im helpful,friendly, i got big knowedge of zamorak, i have staff history on zamorak,alot of ppl know me.staffs know me If accepted, what would you bring to the staff team: make team better, more eyes to look rule brokers, no1 never leave with out get helping! Total Time Played(Found in quest tab. Provide Screenshot): https://gyazo.com/7464e5382153dff08198a1f57a944f09
  4. wildernes skilling zone/area

    if u have played osrs in oldschool near mage arena is skilling area where is yew,magic maple trees. coal,iron steel,rune,adamant ores, and smithing things, cooking range, and much more why not add it on zamorak. there is better exp on wild than safe zone. need take risk to good exp. so its wildy.. that make easyer to max skills in zamorak every mode. there not need to add bank. becouse mage arena is close there is bank. -making fun-
  5. veteran rank in game

    yah hellrider this is suggested before.. year ago
  6. veteran rank in game

    That ingame veteran rank u cant get it from online hours. IT need to earn join Time like forums.
  7. veteran rank in game

    what abaut veterans in forums get too rank in game too. same not same icon but i got icon idea https://gyazo.com/aa5a018a1d16be7c30d50c6a13a67b8d
  8. Farewell Beloved Community

    holyshit! my mentor is going away of my life! what i can do now! im as sleep? if this is dream do something!.. if this is true. i hope u come visit us. take care and good lucky! i miss you my brother! love !
  9. My Resignation

    sad to see u leave. be careful there somewhere my bro <3! dont forgive me or any of us!
  10. Community Update

    thx vinny for let us know!
  11. 2 Year Anniversary Giveaway!

    g Titan - ur Doing great with server. u have done good server. first time i logg in i knew that =D i love u my homie Vinny - ur great manager! ur bad if u want to be, but i love u my homie Danny - u doing great in forums! bro! Tremor - ur great person,great staff! great man! keep it going! my homie Mystkitty - oh my sis.(where is u manager rank!??) ur doing great, ur active, u pvm and do staff things same time =D that what i like of u! my homie! love u Finch - finch! that day u get admin i was happy! not mistake promotion! u need climp up. doing good! keep it up homie Logaaaan - ur brother do good.. u just get back to zammy join staff team and climp admin! great! keep it up! Nivo - ur good, staff ur good, we havent talk that much, u need get little promotion.. u have stand long time to this spot Fawk -.fawk, fawk fawk. oh fawk. homie, ur doing great 1 of my favourite staff members in zamorak! keep it go! once day ur manager! Leigh - leigh. i like u ! u doing good u talk with ppl! ur mod who know what to do. if need do something .. welldone! keep it ho! <3 Deathrow - ur moderato!? wow holy shit! when? last time i logged in u was support! but ur promotion! is good idea from vinny/titan! gz for that homie!. u do good in game as support, u help ppl alot like supports need to do, keep it going jkosty -jkosky. ur still support. sad to see.. u doing great in game! ur good support, but if im right u dont have realy experience of support rank? but if not think that ur good! keep it go!!! more staffs? need logg in =D
  12. Farewell zammy - we'ill see in future

    take care!!!!!!! good bye old frend
  13. It's not goodbye

    so sad see. its pretty good u dont quit .. u was good staff member.
  14. #AoDD

    Username: making fun Highest boss KC: (provide pic for proof) https://gyazo.com/2cee3fd406cc3fb85d3dad8003d61d5a +5.4k forgottens Skill at 99: (provide pic for proof)https://gyazo.com/eea5c6803e8acc9d1ab11c089aac2bbe Do you have Skype for CC: yah i got