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      Be sure to set an in-game security pin to protect your account from being hijacked. Many databases have been leaked from previous servers, this information includes bank pins, passwords, etc. Make sure you do not use any same information from other websites or servers.


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  1. Slayer rework

    I'll put this simple. When I was doing slayer back in the day, it was just the same old items in the slayer shop that I really didn't use because they were useless in regards to what I wanted to do and there were other ways to acquire 'some' of the items in the slayer shop through means of more fun activities. So this suggestions sort of tips that in favor of a more fun and rewarding slayer grind and I'm all up for it. Great suggestion bud.
  2. Zamorak Announcement 11/26/17

    I'll be coming back and playing in the near future. Till then, keep strong boys.
  3. G'day

    Pretty good mate. Just busy with a majority of things right now. Community is looking good and I see you're a staff member once again, great work.
  4. Promotion to Admin

    Congratulations bud. Take my advice and don't burn yourself out.
  5. G'day

    Just keeping up with everyone. How we all doing so far?
  6. Departure, It has been a blast

    First off I would like to say a huge thank you to all the staff members both in and out of management for accepting me into the staff team once I hit the actual requirement of 100 hours. I always did like this community and my time here has been fantastic. I got to meet alot of fantastic people and had some pretty good times. I'll just explain my brief history within the community and just pretty much end it with a simple goodbye. I became a server support when I basically hit all the requirements for the position. Vinny contacted me and told me that my application was accepted; I was ecstatic at that point and it basically started my time within the staff team. I was always on, helping community members, having a great time with staff members and was just generally customer service which was always something I was keen on. From then on, I pretty much got promoted to a Server Moderator and took a new role which was to both slightly supervise server supports and help them out and also deal with more in depth situations. At this point; truth was that I did AFK at some times and it became a habit that was addressed and fixed and I do apologise about that. Few months forward and I was then promoted to a Global Moderator under Legendary's supervision and I did a splendid job with it. I was helping people out on the forums; always kept the moderation panels clear and tried cleaning as much threads as I could. It was a blast. Months more forward and I was promoted to an administrator by Titan. I pretty much was so damn happy about that because I could do more to help the community with whatever was needed, I dealt with unban appeals, UID bans and much more and this was all great. I was a very good administrator and wanted to keep going like that; so few weeks forward and I had extended administrator access. I then dealt with refunds for people who were scammed and did some small password recoveries. Forward few more weeks and my activity started to die out; I was being less inclined to log in and wasn't doing as much anymore and Titan took notice of this therefore I was promoted to a forum administrator to manage the forums but also was still an IG admin as the Australian Timezone did not have anything close to an administrator at that point. When I was first promoted to forum admin; everything was done to an instant, I dealt with everything to cleaning the forums and assigning tasks to global moderators so they always had something to do. Rank requests were being handled in an instant. Time passed as a forum admin and then I was put in a critical situation (still am) of having to find employment and deal with other real life issues and so this took an impact. I spent less time on forums but had to come up with an idea so I decided to train Sinning Tree to be a forum administrator and deal with everything that I was dealing with; to take my position so I may resign. He has done a splendid job and he's a fantastic staff member but even more, a very great friend. I still know he will do a better job then I have along with another forum admin that might be taking that position. In regards to the Trusted MM team, it's always been my intention to sort it out and keep it organised with active members and I'd like to think I did a decent job with it but then I pretty much transferred all of that responsibility to Sinning Tree Listen guys and gals, I know it's been hard dealing with my own conduct with how I approach and deal with certain things but being biased or abuse of powers is not something I do with my conduct. Many of you probably didn't see eye to eye with me BUT it's always different from which perspective you see in. I always wanted to help everyone and the community and I would like to think that I kept my word with it. So a huge thanks to S a g e, Vinny, Titan, Permedd, Sinning Tree, Mystkitty], Snax, Timekeeper, and all the server supports that are in the staff team and were for making my time in the community exceptional. You're all a great bunch of people and you will definitely take this community to greater heights. I wish the community all the best and I hope you all continue to enjoy playing here. It really is a fantastic place to be. I'll drop in here and there.
  7. Staff Feedback.

    We haven't always seen eye to eye bud but the perspective is different from both sides. You'll understand what's been done once you actually take the position of a staff member regarding alot of aspects nonetheless, I do appreciate the feedback.
  8. Staff Feedback - May

    Yeah I understand I haven't been around much anymore but that'll all make sense real soon. Thanks for the feedback.
  9. Staff Feedback 5/31/2017

    Thanks for the feedback bud.
  10. Staff Feedback

    I'm not entirely sure when I'm being sarcastic myself anymore to be honest but I'll accept the feedback and take an in-depth look into the matter. Thank you for the feedback.
  11. Loc

    Maybe in the near future, you won't lose your rank if you don't get banned. Handled
  12. premium

  13. legendary nielss

  14. Super donor Tremor

    Follow the appropriate format: Username: Rank: Primary or Secondary: Proof (screenshot/Video)
  15. Application for ranks

    I'm not entirely sure about setting you the ex-staff and veteran rank. Management can decide on that.