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      Be sure to set an in-game security pin to protect your account from being hijacked. Many databases have been leaked from previous servers, this information includes bank pins, passwords, etc. Make sure you do not use any same information from other websites or servers.


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  1. Ayo~

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    2. ErSi


      His bank is at my account :P

    3. ErSi


      Hii egg :3 His bank is at my account :P

    4. ErSi


      Hii egg :3 His bank is at my account :P

  2. I will miss you all.

    Damn dude.
  3. Been a fun 2 1/2 months here.

    Hello guys and gals. Most of you probably have seen me running around most bosses, helping out wherever I can or simply at Barrows for who knows how long. As of now, I will be leaving indefinitely. I had a great time on this server. I will do one last log in at 9pm Central Time on Feb. 17th, 2016. My goals that were reached (Roughly 470 hours gameplay): Max Cape on Extreme Legendary Donator Status on Main account ($300) Extreme Donator Status on Newb/Alternate account ($100) Gamble 0 times. PVM only with some merchanting. (200b+ made overall) Own an Anger Sword (No longer have one) Own a Hexhunter Bow (Got first one with 1 total Kill Count of Forgotten Ranger) Own an Abyssal Vine Whip (Got first one at 972 Kill Count) A last shout out to these players! They are some of the nicer players in the game. (Colors are donator Status) K0s0va, Mr Hmong Dub, Solo, Nert (quit), Scream, Zamorak King, Nomad, Legacy Scape, Hotarubi, Svensk Irl, Kimbo Slice, Zo Kar Ta, Mr Krabz (quit), The Zoom, Jinqs, Cami, 2b1a, Not Zigmah, Mad Man (quit), Salad You've created a great game, Titan. I hope the future updates come out faster and aren't so buggy. Best of luck to you and your team. Although I couldn't ever get on Teamspeak, I want to personally thank whoever Dslayer is. I think you remember why. Good Bye~ Sincerely~ Eggrollsawce and Eggrollsauce
  4. Just ordered some pizza. Getting ready for Encore of The Walking Dead. Yeeeeaah boi~

  5. Who else watched the NBA Dunk Contest?


    Oh no~ Grats on loot. Bank made.
  7. Wait, what's going on? Lol.

  8. Abyssal Vine Whip Drop Finally.

    Thank you guys! Off to hunt for another vine!
  9. Im Full of Suggestions!

    I support this! Mainly the 4th suggestion. Although I find most people on Zamorak fairly trustworthy, I have stopped lending my items. Due to when I lent someone a Vine Whip and Green Party Hat, without the knowledge of prices, that person who I will not name went to risk fight Vine + Green Party Hat VS Vine Whip and Blue Halloween Mask and lost it.
  10. Molton Studio's ⚫ Premium GFX

    Amazing work!
  11. Abyssal Vine Whip Drop Finally.

    Thank yuuuu~
  12. Abyssal Vine Whip Drop Finally.

    You got that right!
  13. Abyssal Vine Whip Drop Finally.

    Thank yuuuu~~~
  14. Abyssal Vine Whip Drop Finally.

    Thank you guys! I'm still the only person in the game to get Hex Hunter with 1 KC. Couldn't screen because Ur Loss Boss was going to kill me. I picked up and logged.
  15. Abyssal Vine Whip Drop Finally.

    972 Kill count. Hopefully photo isn't too messed up. My first Vine Whip Drop. Finally. Location Extreme Donator Island.