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      Be sure to set an in-game security pin to protect your account from being hijacked. Many databases have been leaked from previous servers, this information includes bank pins, passwords, etc. Make sure you do not use any same information from other websites or servers.


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  1. A day I thought would never come, it's been 2+ years I've been apart and managing this community that I've built alongside many staff members and Titan who I consider a dear friend of mine. I've met countless of amazing people and created great bonds, this was not a sudden decision it's something I've been thinking about for the past few weeks and I believe if you're thinking about such things it's time to hang it up. The experience has been extremely outstanding and I truly hope Zamorak strives and someone will fulfill my position and excel. This has nothing to do with the current state of the community or such, I'm just moving forward with my life and I hope you can all understand. Much love, Take care, Vinny Ex-Head of Management.
  2. Community Update

    The best agreement that can be made is a NDA(Non Disclosure Agreement) this contract is broken commonly as there is really no repercussions, if the person(s) who sign the agreement break it, there's no legal action that can be taken as this is a RSPS. "You guys" I'm very limited to what I can do to help the server, I have no access to the dedi which means I cannot attempt to do any update(s). Hiring a Developer is out of my control and Titan is against doing so for many reasons. We're well aware of the RSPS analytics, I can assure you every RSPS is on a decline, some may have more players than others but they would have a lot more if the RSPS scene was what it used to be.
  3. Community Update

    Greetings Zamorak community, I'd like to inform you all on the current state and situation of Zamorak as Titan and I have always been transparent with the community. I'm sure you're all aware that the RSPS scene is on a decline as a whole, which also impacts Zamorak, with Titan being extremely busy with schooling and projects outside of the RSPS community the server has come to a stand still. I want to assure you all that Zamorak has no intentions on closing, as long as there is a community still behind it. Zamorak has always had a community of it's own with members who stick around or always come back. We will do our best to keep the interest on the server however nothing can be promised, Titan will try his best to put some time into Zamorak when he's able to. Kind Regards, Vinny Head of Management.
  4. Promotions Logaaaan has been promoted to Administrator Leigh has been promoted to Server Moderator Deathrow has been promoted to Server Moderator jkosty has been promoted to Server Support kenny101111 has been promoted to Server Support Demotions & Resignations Casino has resigned due to personal reasons, you can read more here
  5. VINNY

    I'm the new wilderness boss did you not hear?
  6. remove this 3 day prune for shoutbox.

    The shoutbox is pruned when the messages are outdated or spam, keeping a fresh shoutbox is needed. /Locked.
  7. Greetings Zamorak community, here's the results for the Christmas Celebration giveaway. Contact me while i'm in-game to claim your prize on the usernames you have provided on the Christmas Celebration thread. Prize 1: Ultimate Donator & $250 store credit - AJG Prize 2: Legendary Donator & $150 store credit - Cannablessed Prize 3: Extreme Donator & $50 store credit - Chizzy Kind Regards, Vinny Head of Management.
  8. Promotions Fawk has been promoted to Global Moderator Logaaaan has been promoted to Global Moderator Casino has been promoted to Server Moderator Deathrow has been promoted to Server Support Leigh has been promoted to Server Support Demotions & Resignations
  9. Extreme donnator

  10. Greetings Zamorak community, Christmas is just around the corner and with holiday spirit comes celebration. Double(x2) store has been activated and donations will be automatically doubled upon purchase, if you are donating via alternative payment methods (rsgp etc) contact Titan or myself in-game, this will also be doubled. From the 24th-26th i'll be hosting countless events in-game and hosting an event on the forums to enter just leave your post your what you like the most about Christmas and leave your in-game username, winners will be drawn on the 30th of December. Prize 1: Ultimate Donator & $250 store credit Prize 2: Legendary Donator & $150 store credit Prize 3: Extreme Donator & $50 store credit Happy Holidays, Vinny Head of Management.
  11. Regular Donor to Super Donator

  12. Kayrashi

    Titan will have to look into this, however don't expect him to be able to look into this very soon as he's extremely busy IRL.
  13. read my pms on skype or forums please urgent. 

  14. Eco reset

    Poll and thread has been closed, this has already been polled and the decision was made.
  15. Greetings Zamorak community, today is a day of celebration. Our beloved Owner - Titan has just turned 21. This marks his 3rd birthday since he founded Zamorak. With this being said as a celebration I'll be activating double(x2) until Monday 12:00PM UTC-06:00 on all Store purchases, anyone using alternative donation methods may contact Titan or myself to have this also doubled(x2). This includes total donated. If you'd like to wish Titan a birthday wish feel free to post it below on the thread, i'll be also be choosing a random member who posts on this thread to win a Extreme Donator Box ($100) Kind Regards, Vinny Head of Management.