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  1. Second Chances to All Players

    Saw your skype status and hopped on the forums. Was going to write up some super long ass shit to you the other day but shit this is gonna be lit.
  2. #full-stop vs all

    Congrats you can pk barrows items. Lol. Goodluck.
  3. Hex

    It did get nerfed
  4. Hex

    Did the Hex bow get nerfed? I'm definitely not hitting as high as i was before.
  5. Items on Death (PVM)

    No just leave it alone. Of course all the pkers are gonna say yes to this. Too many monsters are way to op and wreck you, i'm not gonna lose my bank because a couple of people wanna cry about everything.
  6. Should we add in Zulrah?

    This is a great idea, get some new weapons cycling through the game.
  7. Moving Hosts - New Client

    Thank you Titan for spending your time to help all of us out.
  8. Heroic death cape

    pm me in game, selling cheap
  9. Elo System for Wilderness

    Seems like a great idea, might get people to pk.
  10. What do you think?

    Yeah i've seen you help, mm for me a couple of times. Pms are reasonable.
  11. About me

    My name is Cody and I live in good ole Georgia where the weather is either 10 degrees one day and 80 the next. Lol Fishing and hunting is life besides Zamork. Hit me up in game if yall wanna hang.
  12. bring back ::recharge in combat...

    How is it unfair to regular players if i paid $100 for it? they're regular players? of course its gonna be an unfair advantage, if they want it and complain about it then pay for it just like everyone else did.
  13. Rank application

    Ext dawg Extreme donator https://gyazo.com/f7f25e8ddfb2a34bb5d2381967d6a080
  14. Updates

    I mean yeah I don't mind stuff hitting me, its just 1 hitting. I'm not complaining homies.
  15. Updates

    I understand camping but if something just 1 hits you all the time then no one is gonna kill it anymore so they'll just quit. Revs are good money and yeah people shouldnt camp but 1 hit? really?