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  1. Username: P 9 Rank: Extreme donator+ extreme in-gamme xp Proof(Screenshot):
  2. And 500 kills after...

    well, if u want full saggi go for it but don't know if it worth ! gl !
  3. And 500 kills after...

    Yes, i'll get my saggi top and after going to farm 500 unhonly curserbearer ! thx
  4. And 500 kills after...

    Juste changed it !
  5. Just done with my 500 Penance Queen killcounts Drops : 7x robin hood hats (70m) 14x Spec recover 2x ranger hats (300m) 268x cannon shots 4x chanllenge scrolls (60m) 4x ranging amulets (45m) 9x ranger boots (90m) 1x sagittarian coif, glove, chaps and boots (500m) 2x crystal keys (maybe 2 more, just already used it) (10m) 1x seercull 3x baby queen pet (2 on image cause i drop one and the pet is disable) 2x fighter hats (sold 1) (400m) Total : Around 1.2b Feel free to suggest witch boss I should farm. Thank you
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    Username: P 8 Rank: extreme + dontaor Proof(Screenshot):
  7. We need own self shop or ge

    Hi, i would to suggest for a own self shop or ge. Because at the moment, cc market not work at all. So maybe someone already suggest this, but i'll do it too. Thank you, P 9