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  1. To live

    lool rip, happy early birthday though!
  2. Hello, i'm solo.

    Welcome brutha , best of luck on all your goals and look forward to hanging more in game
  3. 5b+ Giveaway!

    Nice man :, good luck to all
  4. Most High's First Dicing Video

    Nicely written response, sure thing buddy , dont let a few virtual coins affect your ethics, see ya around ::gamble, will always be watching you.
  5. Most High's First Dicing Video

    Cut out the clips of you scamming 4 people? nice
  6. Buff

    dds is pretty op, ive hit alot of 30/30s in pvp, got more kills with dds than dh axe
  7. 1000 Frost Dragon Kills

    Planning on doing 1k abby demons/dark beasts soon as i max, grinding my achievments, also doing 1k of ea rev
  8. 1000 Frost Dragon Kills

    thanks guys ;p

    45 likes no comments, people are weird loool
  10. Pk Video Contest # 2 - 12/9/15

    Can it be commentary or has to be music @Titan
  11. Suggestions

    Best suggestion thread ive seen so far, reasonable requests and very helpful, support
  12. Hey, i love to kill frosts lol, so this is just one of my 1k's, if you guys want to see a 5k, let me know. Didn't use row, no idea why. On average get 270-290 kills/hour so 3 and a half hours of grind.
  13. Rank request

    Username:Salad Rank:Extreme/donator Proof(Screenshot):
  14. Hard mode 99 skill celebration

    wut, horrible idea, staff impersonation to the max
  15. Best Achievement Guide

    Hey guys, decided to make your achievment grind easier, i have sorted all tasks by their skill/type of task. Green means easy Yellow means medium Red means hard Purple means Elite. Pvm Kill 50 Rock Crabs Kill 2 Dharoks Brothers. Kill 2 Guthans Brothers. Kill 2 Veracs Brothers. Kill 2 Karils Brothers. Kill 2 Ahrims Brothers. Kill 2 Torags Brothers. Kill 50 Moss Giants Kill 50 Revenant Hellhounds Kill The King Black Dragon Kill 75 bronze Dragons Kill 125 Ice Wolfs Kill 50 Saradomin Minions Kill 50 Bandos Minions Kill 50 Zamorak Minions Defeat Jad 3 Times Kill General Graardor 5 Times Kill Kree'arra 5 Times Kill Commander Zilyana 5 Times Kill K'ril Tsutaroth 5 Times Kill 200 Armadyl Minions Kill Corporal Beast 20 Times Kill 100 revenant Orks Kill 100 Revenant Dark beasts Kill 175 Revenant Demons Kill 200 Revenant Knights Kill Nomad 3 Times Kill 500 Monkey Guards Kill 250 Frost Dragons Kill Dagannoth Rex 5 Times Kill Dagannoth Prime 5 Times Kill Dagannoth Supreme 5 Times Kill The Chaos elemental 5 Times Defeat Bork 5 Times Defeat the KQ 5 Times Defeat Barrelchest 5 Times Kill 200 Cave Horrors PvP Kill 100 players in pvp Kill 250 Players in PvP Miscellaneous Die 5 Times. Vote 5 Times. Pray at the Saradomin Statue. Pray at the Zamorak Alter. Pray at the Guthix. Recolor An Abyssal Whip Recolor A Dark Bow Perform The Skillcape Emote Win 10 Pest Control Games Roll A Dice Bag Win 10 Duels Use The Hand Cannon Special Set a Bank Pin Heal 500 Hitpoints Answer 5 Trivia Correctly Answer 10 Trivia Correctly Answer 15 Trivia Correctly Answer 20 Trivia Correctly Heal 20000 Hitpoints Open 250 Crystal Chests Buy a Maxed Cape Purchase A Completionist Cape Vote 20 Times Use An-Insta-kill Dart 10 Times Use An Insta-Kill Dart 20 Times Gain 100,000,000 Xp Agility Complete The Gnome Course Crafting Craft 100 Leather Hides. Cut 75 Gems. Cut an Onyx Cooking Cook 75 Food. Farming Grow 1 Potato Plant. Firemaking Burn 50 Logs. Fishing Catch 100 Fish. Catch 150 Sharks Fletching Craft 100 Rune Arrows Herblore Hunter Catch 5 Kingly Implings Catch 50 baby Implings Magic Cast 250 Alchemy Spells Mining Mine 500 Runite Ore Prayer Bury 150 Dragon Bones Runecrafting Runecraft 3000 Blood runes Runecraft 3000 Nature Runes Craft 1500 Death Runes Smithing Smith 200 Gold Bars Slayer Slay 1000 Abyssal Demons Slay 1000 Dark Beasts Complete 100 Slayer Tasks Thieving Pickpocket 125 NPC's Steal From 100 Stalls Woodcutting Cut 50 Trees. Cut 100 Magic Trees If you guys would like to see anything added to the guide, please post below, if you have any questions on how to complete a certain task, post here or pm me ingame , cheers