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      Security Reminder   05/05/2017

      Be sure to set an in-game security pin to protect your account from being hijacked. Many databases have been leaked from previous servers, this information includes bank pins, passwords, etc. Make sure you do not use any same information from other websites or servers.


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  1. my gaming control logo

  2. Loot from 1000 Dagannoth rex's

    protext mage and pwerful weabon (melee) or blowpipe
  3. Buying $20 donation

    Or vanguard set (can choose)
  4. Loot from 1000 Dagannoth rex's

    do 1k cerberus , youll get little bit more richer with those loots
  5. It's not goodbye

    Sad to hear that you leave your moderator position as you were one of the most active staff members , but in real life job is alot more important and were all happy of that you didnt quit!
  6. New family member

  7. Staff Battles Episode #2 PLUS Xmas Giveaway!!

    39. I like Christmas because everything smells of cinnamon and it brings a Christmas feeling
  8. Celebration Announcement

    Happy birthday @Titan , i didn't know you were 20 untill this
  9. Server Update 12/08/17

    Rvenant cave is gonna be cool! , thanks for these updates , can't wait for revenant caves
  10. TMM Application

    Yes, i can and i would not dissapoint anyone as being an TMM , Human can choose how he behaves and i have changed it lately alot , helping new players and giving out items that i dont need, i have tried my best , i know alot people sees me as salty player but its not that
  11. TMM Application

    Username:Dazzle Time Played(100hrs+ required): (Post a screenshot of your time played) forum screenshots/img links are broken currently so copy paste link below Date Joined: 16, jan 2016 Timezone (GMT): +2 GMT Finland Do you have any sanctions(Disciplinary Action) on your account(s)?:Yes , i once had mute but it was really really long time ago How many hours can you be on during the week: during week like 32hours -39hours Why do you feel like you should become a Trusted MM?: I am pretty old player and almost everyone knows me, so some people thinks i am really trusted and some thinks i am just lonely pker dude from finland , but i can tell you that i can be trusted always (i have never scammed anyone on my entire rsps history) , also i have tried to increase my activity on gambling zone by speaking to peoples there and gambling and skilling, i know i was inactive for few weeks but i had my reasons as i made the thread ''back active'' when my girlfriend and me got 2 babys, but our new babys wont effect on my activity at all. What would you bring to the team if you are accepted into it?: New times, trust, hope ,knowledge and kindness, heatfree gambling also you know i have been really active zamorak player for long . Do you have skype as a means of communication with other members of the team?: Yes, most of staff members has my skype, giving it if i get accepted
  12. Back active

    Thank you everyone
  13. Regular donator

    Username:Dazzle Rank:Donator Primary or Secondary: Secondary (only userbar) dont mess my veteran rank! Proof (screenshot/Video)