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      Be sure to set an in-game security pin to protect your account from being hijacked. Many databases have been leaked from previous servers, this information includes bank pins, passwords, etc. Make sure you do not use any same information from other websites or servers.


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  1. oh i thought the 166 was player already
  2. GFX Rank

    Username:Raj Rank:GFX Designer Primary or Secondary: Primary Proof (screenshot/Video) Some of my works poste here:
  3. https://imgur.com/a/x0aun https://imgur.com/a/1dZMI https://imgur.com/a/K0Jqj https://imgur.com/a/fpWV8 https://imgur.com/a/aUweg https://imgur.com/a/Iv19W https://imgur.com/a/4cHVO https://imgur.com/a/PvEFR
  4. Merry Christmas!

    Merry christmas danny!
  5. Number: 166 , goodluck everyone
  6. Muh Bank

    I cri , my items
  7. Veteran rank...

    Username:Rajotus Rank:Veteran Primary or Secondary:primary i know i got another forum account veteran rank , but i would like if it was swap'd to this forum account... @Banned Proof (screenshot/Video)
  8. Christmas Celebration

    IGN: Rajotus loving about christmas food and snow , also giving presents and the feeling you get
  9. Quitting

    It's not just about being cleaned , its about that how i spend my time on the game , afk , gamble, pvm bosses (that dont drop anything worthy) , dw man u dont need to say sorry, you won fairly and you deserve my little bank ,i wanted to try win the icon off you so its my own fault
  10. Quitting

    so ive been thinking an while about quitting and well.. here it is , 400b bank lose made the decision easy so...i love this server but... theres variety things that makes is unenjoyable my long time goal has been to try for tmm or staff members, and ive been loyal and active person so turned out that im officially blacklisted from tmm team and staff team for 1 sanction on account @Snax idk how that sanction effects on tmm things, i would understand if the sanction was about scamming, but its different and i dont hate u snax or anything , tmm is about mming bets and being trustworthy, i have never scammed anyone in my life so... yeah but im not gonna cry about being blacklisted if @Snax (others on the tmm team) decides that i am blacklisted , then i am but the game got really boring, i achieved 400b bank an got into #rich clan , lost today the 400b vs @Colt like... theres just nothing to do ingame anymore , its just rebuilding and losing ... well if i were able to get anger or udi that would be something but .. it took me alot of time get extreme donator and 400b bank so ... i tried an new fresh start with this new account i named rajotus and got extreme donator etc etc... but well they checks login historys etc so cant have a fresh start and forget historys and build an new road, it will hurt to quit cause zamorak is close my heart and i always have feeled that i belong here but well things have gone wrong now so i decided to quit and probably find an new server, most of people hated me /knew me as a flamer(and i wasnt) / pker/ragger/ gambler after creating this account i became kinda famous , get to know with influentical people , tried last time for tmm now but @Snax said that they will never ever let me have an chance ,they probs has long hate lul , but yeah ...goodbye
  11. feeling when colt cleans you

    nah decided to give a shot @quitting
  12. TMM

    Username:Rajotus Time Played(100hrs+ required): (Post a screenshot of your time played) Date Joined: 2016 jan Timezone (GMT): SWE Do you have any sanctions(Disciplinary Action) on your account(s)?: No How many hours can you be on during the week: As much as i want to , christmas holidays and free time alot , during the week probably 32hours online Why do you feel like you should become a Trusted MM? I feel like i should be given an shot as trusted middleman because ive shown that im trustworthy and i were accepted into #rich clan wich is one of the most known gamblers clans and has the biggest requirement on whole clan section , also i have gambled alot and i keep gambling everyday , i have spent bulk of time on ::gamble also i feel like i have been good role model for new players... What would you bring to the team if you are accepted into it?: Activity and trust , i would make the server have less scamming Do you have skype as a means of communication with other members of the team?: nope , but if i get accepted i am willing to download skype and make one!
  13. Cleaned :((

    Dont quit man , it isnt hard to rebuild as an extreme donator , i have been cleaned several times and i am up 311b again