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  1. My personal suggestions..

    I really appreciate all the support on my suggestions. thank you all. and permedd, I respect your decision on what I've suggested. But I'm playing from experience from runescape, and many other servers that I have played. I'm very familiar with how the economy works. as long as you can counteract rare items with more viable moneymaking skills. (such as fishing and cooking if you can no longer buy food from shops), theres always going to be a need for food for pvm and pvp. increasing viable moneymaking methods. barrows is still a good money maker. despite whether they change ahrims drops or not. A balanced economy is very crucial. Limiting the ways to get certain item only increases the value. not how many are currently in game. for them to make furies rise like crazy, would be to reset all furies from everyone's banks. furies would only increase a little bit, because they would now be a less common item. I'm not sure if you understand all this, it's a lot to understand. but I know a lot of how economy works. Trust me, If I could own my own server, it would be very successful.
  2. My personal suggestions..

    Many thanks to all of your support. afterall, this is only my second day playing this game. Lmao.
  3. First Gambling Video!

    Thats some impressive luck you had going there for a while. sometimes you need to know when to roll.. and when to roll on out of there.
  4. My personal suggestions..

    Well, I agree the wealth of the items DOESN'T NEED to be increased, just thought it could help out the new people in a way. Gives them something to work towards. I personally like setting goals for myself in games like this or WoW. And getting a fury was the first thing I wanted to do. but it was way too easy.. I feel like I would have given myself more self gratification if a fury was worth more then 15m. Sure its a hard loss to lose something that's worth more, but the feeling you get when you get your first big item? It's a great feeling. And I want people to have that feeling. Like.. Remember on Runescape when you got your VERY FIRST SET of full rune? remember that feeling? I want everyone to have that same feeling. over and over again. So, decreasing ways to get said items, can give you a more satisfactory feeling when you finally achieve it. Just my thoughts. But thank you for reading over this, and I appreciate your thoughts on said subjects.
  5. My personal suggestions..

    I have a few suggestions I would like to come across. 1 - I would like to suggest a new spot on the forums. This is for the artsy people, such as myself, where we post our drawings/paintings/etc. I think it's nice to know your fellow Zamorakians on a personal level. saying this, I'd like a spot on forums where we can post our creations we've made, so we have more constructive criticism. It's nice to get opinions from people you don't know, because they are more likely to be honest. It doesn't benefit the server in any way, except to the artists. It would make us closer as an art community on this game. This is not needed in any way, just a suggestion. I'd appreciate it. 2 - Abyssal Whip... These things are super common, and only 10m in game. underpriced in my opinion. It's still a pretty damn good pking weapon. To increase possible wealth on a pk or pvm, I'd like to suggest a slightly lower drop rate, 1/50 on an ironman, 1/75 on extreme, etc. also, increase the amount of pvp points or tickets to purchase this item. This would make whips a little harder to get, but pvm and pvp will become a little bit better money maker than it is. It would be good for the new people "noobs", because not only does it give them something to work for, but it gives them a little more wealth status, when they finally achieve having one. It's kind of a way to help them progress in the game. 3 - Amulet of fury... This was the first item i bought that I considered a decent buy.. Starting out. I'm glad it's not over priced.. but its too common in game. I'd like to see these worth about 50m each. Making it a decent risk in pvp, and a good find in pvm. I'd like to suggest removing this from the pvp shops, and strictly a pvm item, or a bulk donation item ex: 2 noted furies for one donation ticket. 50m for a fury, isnt unrealistic. 50m is still pretty easy to obtain, and its one of the best in slot items. 4 - Decreased slayer xp on extreme mode. I was slaying yesterday (which was when I first created my account). I got to 85 within 3 tasks. two of which were double xp. I feel as if extreme mode should be harder to progress through. I got to 99 strangth, 99 theiving, and 70 prayer in one day. Not including my other stats. I feel as if this was too easy, even with only 5x xp rates. which also brings me to say, I think some other skills should be decreased in xp rates on extreme mode. But none that have personally grabbed my attention like slayer. Maybe only a slight decrease in other skills. 5 - Barrows. Ahrims is probably the easiest of all to kill. but he drops 120k cash instead of 40k, like all the others. Which is kind of stupid to me.. I feel as if the harder the barrows brother is the kill, the more cash he should drop. ex: Veracs - 150k, Dharoks - 125k, Guthans - 125k, Torags - 75k, Karils - 40k, Ahrims - 40k. This would sort of even out the money distribution between the npc's accordingly to difficulty. meaning: none of them is easier money making than another. This is all I have for suggestions for now. Thank you for for reading this, and again, I understand if these are not accepted, just my honest opinions so far into the game. After all, this is only my second day playing. But I've always wanted to own a private server, and I planned mine all out. just never had the time, or funds to make one. I'm just trying to better our community, and ing game marketing.
  6. Donator on forums

    I had donated 7.5m OSGP and became a donor. I would like my donor status to be viewable on the forums as well. Thank you.