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      Security Reminder   05/05/2017

      Be sure to set an in-game security pin to protect your account from being hijacked. Many databases have been leaked from previous servers, this information includes bank pins, passwords, etc. Make sure you do not use any same information from other websites or servers.
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Forums Warning Points System

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* Spamming = 1 point

Verbal warning for first time offenses.

* Flaming = 2 warning points

Verbal warning for first time offense.

* Grave-digging = 1 warning points

Verbal warning for first time offense

* Signature violation = 2 points and we will remove his signatures

Verbal warning for first time offense.

* Trolling = 1 warning points

Verbal warning for first time offense.

* Posting in the incorrect board or section = 1 warning points

Verbal warning for first time offense.

* Bumping topics = 1 warning points

Verbal warning for first time offense

* Vouches = 1 warning points

Verbal warning for first time offense.

* Reputation Boosting = 3 warning points

(The reputation will also be removed)

* Requesting reputation/likes = 3 warning points

* Racism = 4 warning points

Verbal warning for first time offense.

* Pornographic material and inappropriate content = 3 warning points

Verbal warning for first time offense

* Threatening = Permanent ban

* Self-repping = Suspending for 2 days

* Inappropriate usernames = The user will be asked to change his/her name if they do not comply it will be a Permanent Ban

* Evading bans = Permanent ban

* Sharing accounts = Permanent ban

Shoutbox Warnings:

* Flaming = 24 hours ban

If it was his first time, he will be told to stop

* Flame baiting = 24 hours ban

If it was his first time, he will be told to stop

* Spamming = 24 hours ban

If it was his first time, he will be told to stop

* Staff impersonation = Permanent ban from the shoutbox

* Advertisement = Permanent ban from the shoutbox

Severe Punishments:

* Hacking = Permanent ban

* DDosing /Dosing = Permanent ban

* Doxing = Permanent ban

* Leaking personal information = Suspending

* Staff Impersonation = Permanent ban

* Invading = Permanent ban

*Advertisement/misleading links = Permanent ban

* Real World Trading = Permanent ban

Warning Points Actions:

5 points = 3 day Suspension from the forums

10 points = 5 days Suspension from the forums

15 points = 7 days Suspension from the forums

20+ points = perm Suspension from the forums

Removing The Warning Points:

(They Do Expire)

The staff member who gave you the warning will decide the length you should have the warning.***

It is up to his discretion to remove the warning points and when to remove them.

* Don't look on your past warning points, this system starts right now (new page has opened)

For example:

If you have 3 warning points from the past and you receive another 2 warning points that doesn't mean you will get suspended for 3 day, you have to get a new 5 points to get suspend for 3 day from the forums!

Forums Rules:


1. Communication

1.1 Inappropriate Language and Flaming
Topics, posts, PMs etc., that are directed at a single member, or group, to either defame them of their reputation, character or to simply insult, flame them directly etc., will also be considered harassment and disrespect. Since this is a simple rule, the first punishment will be two infractions the first time, next will be three, and the last will be a permanent ban from the forums.

1.2. Racism
Racism and Religious Intolerance found on Zamorak will not be tolerated at all. If you are found being Racist or religiously intolerant you will be banned. This is both illegal in the real world, and we will follow the laws. Racism and Religious Intolerance will not be tolerated and handled immediately.


2. Post Etiquette

2.1 Spamming
Spamming a lot just to gain post count.
Posting content irrelevant to the topic.
Posts that consist of single word (e.g "nice") which is not relevant to the topic in question will be considered spamming on the forums and a warning or infraction will be given per the staff's discretion; emoticons and pictures do not count as words. Videos and pictures are the only exceptions of this in their respective sections. Jibberish such as "asuhfunweufj" is also considered spam and will lead to a bigger punishment than stated above. This is not acceptable and your posts will be removed and you will be punished accordingly

2.2 Grave digging
When you post in a "dead thread", which is a thread that was not posted in for over 14 days.

2.3 Trolling
Trolling is not accepted on these forums, it's idiotic and immature, we do not accept this behavior and the member is eligible to be infracted on the spot depending on the staff member

2.4 Posting in the correct board or section
This is to be done at all times, a little infraction that WILL expire could be handed out if excessive posting in the wrong board or section is done.

2.5 Misleading Links
Misleading links are to never be posted on the forums, if posting a link to a YouTube video; we expect it to lead to YouTube. Otherwise your account will face action pertaining to being permanently banned from the forums.

2.6 Threatening
Threatening members with ANYTHING will be an instant-automatic ban from Zamorak FOREVER! You will NOT do such acts and it will NOT be tolerated.

2.7 Bumping Topics
Bumping topics that are older than 14 days old or two weeks will not be allowed. We do not want people posting under topics that have been bumped illegally. This makes the person who commented look as if they were grave digging, which is also not allowed.


3. Forum Accounts

3.1 Reputation
Cheating the amount of likes that has been given to a user will not be tolerated, the member will have his/her's likes amount restarted or locked.

3.1.2 Self-Repping
Self-Repping will be dealt with by resetting the vouches on both accounts and suspending them for at least 24 hours depending on staff member.

3.1.3 Requesting reputation/likes
Requesting reputation/likes is not allowed. Doing this can lead to restarting or locking the member's reputation points.

3.2 Vouches
Vouches are a way to prove your trustworthiness in the game and are often looked upon by players before they gamble with someone, etc. Posting links to your vouch threads over the forums is not allowed and will result in your vouch thread getting locked. Feel free to let others know about your vouch thread but you’re not allowed to link them to it over the forums.

3.3 Inappropriate Usernames
We will not tolerate inappropriate names that contain any vulgar language, hate crime, relationship to pornographic material, impersonations (mod, admin, owner etc.) or anything that would be considered inappropriate of any sort. Any member who is caught impersonating a staff members username whether or not the staff member is a present member or inactive / resigned / demoted staff, the user will be permanently banned off the community forums. Those who fail to comply with this rule will be requested to choose another username by a developer (the member will have 24 hours to respond). After he or she has not responded or refused the change, their IP will be banned and the account deleted.

3.4 Evading Bans
All punishments handed to members is the sole reason as to why a community remains stable. Those who evade their bans, and IP-Bans to cause more problems after being punished will simply be dealt with accordingly with harsher terms. You are allowed to create another account on the forums to appeal but do not bother to cause more problems than you already have prior, simply appeal the punishment and let us deal with it from there.

3.5 Sharing Accounts
Sharing your forum account with another person is not allowed. If we see suspicious activity on your account which lead to us thin you are sharing your account, your account will be terminated.


4. Shoutbox

4.1 Flaming
Flaming will be an automatic mute from the shoutbox, we must respect ALL members that are using it and PROBABLY requesting assistance.

4.2 Flame baiting
Flame baiting will and can be a mute from the shoutbox, it is the act of starting/causing arguments for no apparent reason or starting drama for no apparent reason. Flame baiting also applies to the forums and in-game in general.

4.3 Staff Impersonation
Staff Impersonation is not tolerated on the shoutbox and will be dealt with harshly, member is eligible to being muted from the shoutbox.

4.4 Advertisement
Advertisement is an immediate ban from the shoutbox, server, and forums PERMANENTLY. Mentioning other servers fits into this category as well.


5. Illegal Activity

5.1 Hacking
Hacking on the forums will never be tolerated, you will be instantly banned from the forum forever, and never allowed back on Zamorak again.

5.2 DDoSing/DoSing
DDoSing/DoSing is not allowed and is a federal offence in MANY if not ALL countries. It WILL be reported if we see fit and a webhost ban from the forums.

5.3 Doxing
Doxing is not allowed on Zamorak. If you're caught doxing one of our members you WILL be permanently banned.

5.4 Leaking personal information
Leaking critical personal data on the forums without permission is strictly prohibited. Personal information such as credit card details and other very personal details are not to be leaked.


6. Misc

6.1 Outsider Links
All outsider links that are posted on the forums must be approved through a staff member. We do our best to maintain balance, and peace throughout this community. You must provide information about the link through a private message to the staff team and have it approved or declined. You will receive a warning if the link hasn't been approved. We expect all links to direct where they are supposed to be directed to.

- THIS DOES NTO APPLY TO WEBSITES SUCH AS: YouTube, Facebook, Google (Google itself, not a direct FROM Google) etc.

6.2 Backseat Moderation
Backseat moderation is something that we simply do not allow because it causes drama throughout the community and questions on whether or not we are an authority figure or if the members themselves are. While we are all equal, and should listen and learn from each other - that's simply how it is, we do not do this. Those who find something that needs to be reported or something of the sort, simply report it to a staff member, do not act like one and cause drama, this only causes an uproar. You shall receive infractions or have posting rights revoked if deemed fit by the moderating team.

6.3 Pornographic Material and Inappropriate Content
Discussion and or public display of any inappropriate images and or pornography are strictly prohibited. Inappropriate material such as half-naked women, men, or other forms of nudity or half sight of nudity will be classified as inappropriate content on the forums. This will be made for avatars, signatures, or any place that allows a user to "advertise" the content. We will not allow any form of drug related images on the forum in avatars, signatures, or any place that allows a user to "advertise" the content either. We will not tolerate these actions and will be enforced at all times, should discussion, photos, videos, avatars, signatures happen around Zamorak he or she will suffer the consequences.

6.4 Staff Impersonation
Staff Impersonation is not tolerated on the forums and will be dealt with harshly, member is eligible to being banned from the forums.

6.5 Invading
Invading other communities is a permanent ban from the forums, we do not tolerate this and want to remain peaceful throughout the RSPS community. Such things are cause of desperation and there's not going to be a time where the administration will stoop to that level of "stealing" other's members - it's unacceptable and will be dealt with.

6.6 Advertisement
Advertisement on the forums is strictly dealt with, and an automatic ban from the forums will be given. You will not be able to appeal this offence. Those who have other situations that do NOT relate to RuneScape Private Relations can private message an Administrator for permission to advertise, otherwise ALL advertisements will be dealt with as the same.

6.7 Purchasing, Selling, or Trading
Purchasing, selling, trading goods, or services (accounts, real life items, RSGP, Microsoft points, riot points, other private server items for Zamorak items etc.) will not be tolerated and action will be taken if it continues, we do not have the time for members to come to us and tell us that they've been scammed or hacked. We do want people coming at us as I said before, if we do not catch X member and end up being scammed. We will not be held responsible of the scam, or hacking.

- Purchasing or Selling of any Zamorak account will not be allowed on the forums. The ban will be permanent the first time with no chance of appeal, the second will be an IP-Ban.

- Purchasing or Selling of donator status on an existing account is not allowed on the forums. Advertising that you're going to do so will result in a ban. Please note that we are allowing members to donate for one another and a member can be pair for doing-so (purchasing status for a member and then being paid 300m as an example).

**Note** The colors depend on the severity of the punishment.

Green = Minor Punishments

Orange = Moderate Punishments

Red = Severe Punishments



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