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King Bama

Clan Goal in Zamorak.

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Hey guys, Bama here, I want to share with you all some goals of the resurrected #7SinZ clan. Any support or feedback will be greatly appreciated!


To start, Back when I first started #7SinZ, we had members left and right, I came to find out that the problem with this is not knowing everyone who joined. This time around things will be different and hopefully run smoothly. My goal here is to help this community, Owner.pngTitan  works his ass off to bring us what we see in game, and works even harder to make sure the members are happy and taken care of.

Here in #7SinZ we will help the staff as well as help Owner.pngTitan make this community great. All my members new and old (if they are in the clan), will be respectful, and will be as helpful as they possibly can. I have revoked my application for Server Support to make sure that this happens. We will all be supporting Zamorak in a positive way, in hopes that all players get help, and to make sure everyone has a great time playing. Yes, we talk a little trash, but a little trash talk isn't harmful between clans, in fact, it opens doors for competition between clans.

We will be participating in riotwars, and in the future will be hosting PVM events (as well as giveaways) for everyone on the server to participate in. I want this clan to thrive and be the best that it can be. That is why I am proud to say that we are recruiting anyone who can be respectful and can help us make this goal a reality. Topic 11900 is where you will find the Application and Rules.

My in-game name is "King Bama" for those who don't know, if you have any questions for me, either pm me here on forums (Preferred) or message me in-game if I am online.

Thank you guys for reading if you have made it this far, and I hope that real soon we will make this goal or vision, a reality.


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