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Skwa's Healthy Living and Fitness Help Thread

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Hello everybody skwa here. Getting into a healthy active lifestyle or just getting into shape can be extremely difficult. I used to be 26% body fat and be able to do 3 push ups until reaching failure because all I did was help Abdul out in beta zamorak. Ormaybe it was 5k hours in league and 4k hours in cod 4 through BO2. Idk.


Short Anecdote:


Soon after noticing the downhill spiral I was heading towards and the fact my girlfriend is athletic as fuck I decided to make a change with my life. I made impressive lifestyle changes such as playing less video games, eating correctly and going to the gym. I went from 26% body fat to the 12-13% body fat im at now, and that's because that's where I want to be. I went from maxing out at 3 pushup to passing coast guard boot camp where you have to do 29. All of this required very much training, learning, educating myself and more importantly, talking to people who live this lifestyle.


Im sure theres plenty of people who play this RSPS or video games in general and want to start making life changes but don't know, and its not the easiest. But its extremely rewarding and once you get it down, Its enjoyable. I love going to the gym and have made very many friends. plus the food isn't bad like people may think. On weekends when I don't work I play video games at least 8 hours a day and still go to the gym, eat right and make gains. Its all about time management.

So that's why im making this thread. If anybody here wants help making changes in their life and wants to better themselves you can reply on here or pm me. NOTE: if you reply on here with any general questions, im going to put them in the first post so people can read them if they have the same questions. Upon request I can give workout plans, eating plans, do's and don'ts and general knowledge that just everyone might not know.



TL;DR Im offering fitness and healthy living advice to everyone who wants to know, just comment or pm


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Very inspirational post skaaa.. i love how you changed your life around and now you are a healthy person. Thanks for spreading your amazing change and inspiring others too follow suit. Well done.



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I myself used to be a little bit overweight, but then through the summer of my 8th grade to 9th grade year, I decided to change that. I've lost around 100lbs (from 220 to 124ish) and then gained around 20 more lbs of muscle (124-126 to around 148) and I'm continuing to eat healthily and work out. My end goal is to be right in the sweetspot of where I need to be to join the Marine Corps, and I'm working towards it. Thank you for sharing your story, it's inspiring and I'm sure you're going to be getting some PM's soon :)

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