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[2/01/2017] Zamorak Newspaper

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Hello guys, we are back with another edition of the Zamorak Newspaper! A lot of new stuff has happened since the last edition and we will cover everything in this one!

I really hope that you enjoy this edition. Make sure to leave feedback on the thread in the comments.

I would also like to give a big thank you to the Newspaper Team for all their help.


To start off I want to cover the Newspaper Team updates

E6cjRXG.pngLegendary has taken a break from the Newpaper team and left the responsibility of writing it to Ldon.pngTaven and LfpdxXo.pngSnax


Sdon.pngJiggly resigned from the Newspaper Team










Owner.pngTitan posted a thread regarding the new skilling point system, you can read all about it here


wiaXp4h.pngVinny posted a thread regarding the two bosses that will be added into the game, make sure to cast your vote here


Owner.pngTitan removed the message displaying your donator bonus while thieving at the last stand


Owner.pngTitan buffed the dragon warhammer


The Veteran.pngVeteran rank no longer has any requirements. It's up to the management team to decide if you're worthy of it.



wiaXp4h.pngVinny announced that two new bosses will be released



Admin.pngDelivery has been promoted to Admin.pngAdministrator

Support.pngTheWhiteHaze has been promoted to Support.pngServer Support

Smod.pngSinning Tree has been promoted to Smod.pngServer Moderator

Demotions & Resignations 

Ldon.pngTaven has resigned from Fmod.pngForum Moderator and Support.pngServer Support

Ldon.pngClown inc has been demoted from Support.pngServer Support



There is a lot of new threads that have been made on the forums since the last edition! 

Support.pngImagine has made a guide to the new quest “cooks assistant”

You can read it here


wiaXp4h.pngVinny has made a thread looking for the community’s input on new content

Make sure to cast your vote here


Edon.pngChizzymade a thread that with the support of the commnunity got the Dragon Warhammed buffed.

You can read it here


wKLMlYS.pngFalkon has made a thread containing multiple ways to fix problems with the zamorak client

You can read it here


wKLMlYS.pngZxZ has made a GFX shop

You can see what he has to offer here


Exstaff.pngEnzo has made a thread with all of the zamorak awards from January

You can read it here



LfpdxXo.pngSnax was voted member of the month!

Exstaff.pngMiksi Ei received a Hexhunter bow drop!

Udon.pngNicnacnic received a Hexhunter bow drop!

03 Reached a 200 killstreak!



Interview with Support.pngSinning Tree

Newspaper Edition: 2017.02.1


1.) How long have you been with Zamorak?

A.) Since about march of 2016.


2.) What is your favorite in-game cosmetic item(s)?

A.) My favourite in-game cosmetic? Uhh, that'd have to be the pink partyhat.


3.) How did you acquire your wealth? How long did it take? (Gambling / merching / staking, etc.)

A.) Mostly gambling.. but recently bossing.


4.) Favorite childhood memory?

A.) Jumping into a river on a 40 degrees day in my underwear.. good times.


5.) Favorite Zamorak memory?

A.) Becoming staff as it was a dream of mine for awhile.


6.) Best RNG moment?

A.) Probably when I got my 4 pets (KBD/chaos ele/penance queen/giant mole) got them all under 50 kills.


7.) Unluckiest moment on Zamorak

A.) Dropping a hex(bow) by accident.


8.) Worst memory on Zamorak?

A.) Probably when lesarkus got buffed & I couldn't camp it with ::bank/::Recharge :(


9.) A rooster laid an egg on top of the barn roof. Which way did it roll? (Note: This is just an opinion)

A.) It didn't roll?

Correct Answer: Roosters cannot lay eggs ;)




Made by Edon.pngViaz



Made by wKLMlYS.pngZxZ

Snax signature.png



Eminem - No Love ft. Lil Wayne





Made by Fmod.pngTaven

























GFX Designers 




E6cjRXG.pngLegendary -

Ldon.pngTaven: Writing, Lay-Out, Grammar

LfpdxXo.pngSnax Writing, Grammar

wKLMlYS.pngFalkon: Interviews

wKLMlYS.pngWere2good Songs Of The Week & Videos Of The Week & Meme Of The Week

wKLMlYS.pngZxZ: GFX Work




Thanks everyone for reading this edition of the newspaper, I really hope everyone enjoyed reading it! 

Feel free to leave some feedback in a comment and we hope to see you all in the next edition.



Zamorak Newspaper Team

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