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Updated Kraken Guide

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Updated Kraken Guide - Magic only

Recommended stats:
- 92+ Magic (Blood Barrage) (Ancient Spellbook must be enabled, this can be done at ::mb)
- 90+ Defence
- 68+ Prayer (Deflect Missiles)

Recommended gear (Ordered in priority, however all gear should be viable):


- Ganodermic
- Ancestral
- Virtus
- Battlemage
- Zuriels
- Ahrims (Possible but inefficient)


- Heroic/Demonic death cape
- Death cape
- Spirit cape
- Fire cape

- Occult necklace
- Third-age necklace
- Arcane stream necklace
- Amulet of torture


- Ring of wealth (drop rate increase of 15%)
- Eye of the mage
- Ring of suffering
- Seers' ring (i)
- Seers' ring


- Arcane spirit shield
- Spectral spirit shield
- Farseer kiteshield
- Regular/Blessed spirit shield


- Barrows gloves
- Tormented bracelet


- Eternal boots
- Ragefire's boots
- Infinity boots


- Trident of the swamp (no runes required, gives more room for food)
- Toxic staff of the dead
- Staff of the dead
- Staff of light
- Polypore staff (no runes required, gives more room for food)
- Master wand
- Zuriels staff
- Chaotic staff

Recommended inventory setup:


Available drops:

- 15m Coins 1/0 15M
- 10x Frost dragon bones 1/1 1M ea (15M)
- 1x Mystery box 1/5 15-20m
- 1x Black mask 1/20 500K
- 1x Seers' ring (i) 1/30 Untradeable
- 1x Arcane stream necklace 1/100 Untradeable
- 1x Celestial gloves 1/200 2-3B
- 1x Celestial shoes 1/200 2-3B
- 1x Third-age mage hat 1/300 350-500M
- 1x Third-age robe 1/300 1B
- 1x Third-age robe top 1/300 1B
- 1x Spirit cape 1/500 4-6B
- 1x Abyssal tentacle 1/500 8-9B 
- 1x Trident of the seas 1/2000 5-7B

Estimated money per hour:

This calculation is entirely dependent on how long it takes the user to kill Kraken, and is estimated based on the theoretical drops from 10,000 kills. Median drop prices are also used, along with the default droprate. If you have items such as ROW, or Donator drop bonuses you should expect slightly more than the calculation produces.

10,000 Kills:
5x Trident of the seas (5 x 6B = 30B)
20x Abyssal tentacle (20 x 8.5B = 170B)
20x Spirit cape (20 x 5B = 100B)
33x Third-age robe top (33 x 1B = 33B)
33x Third-age robe (33 x 1B = 33B)
33x Third-age mage hat (33 x 425M = 14.025B)
50x Celestial shoes (50 x 2.5B = 125B)
50x Celestial gloves (50 x 2.5B = 125B)
500x Black mask (500 x 500K = 250M)
2,000x Mystery box (2000 x 17.5M = 35B)

71,560x Frost dragon bones (71560 x 1M = 71.56B)
10,000x 15M Coins (10000 x 15M = 150B)

Theoretically per 10,000 kills you earn 899.335B. So depending on your gear, Kraken will take an amount of time to kill (this doesn't have to be exact). Note this down in seconds. There are 3600 seconds in an hour. To work this out you take the 3600 seconds in an hour and divide it by the amount of seconds it roughly takes you to kill Kraken to find out how many times you kill him per hour. Example below:

3600/245 (245 seconds to kill Kraken) = 14.69 (14 Kills)

Now that you know how many kills you get per hour, you divide this number by the sample size of 10,000. So:

10000/14 = 714

With the number produced you then divide it by the theoretical earnings from 10,000 kills:

899.335/714 = 1.25

This final product is how much you should theoretically earn from killing Kraken per hour. In my example, getting 14 kills per hour should net you around 1.25B.

*Please remember this is all based on theory and may not be 100% accurate, this is just to provide an estimation

Fighting Kraken:

To enter the cave where you will find Kraken, you need to speak to the Guildmaster who it located in the North-West corner of Edgeville bank, and then select the 'Kraken (Magic only)' Speech option as shown below:


When fighting Kraken you can only attack with magic. Kraken will attack back switching between both range, and magic attacks with there being a different animation for each attack; this allows you to prayer flick depending on which animation shows. Below are the different animations for krakens attacks:

Range attack:


Magic attack:


After killing Kraken your drops will be below you on the floor. Remember to pick them up!



I hope this guide was of some help to people. This is my first guide so be sure to leave me some feedback on how I did and what improvements should be made. Thank you!


Made with the help of Edon.pngvengepk

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1 minute ago, Black Ebony said:

Kraken is hard af and its really hard to complete with ahrims

Noted and changed, thanks for the feedback!

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28 minutes ago, Black Ebony said:

Kraken is hard af and its really hard to complete with ahrims

With on point prayer switches, this can be done in ahrims with ancients staff. no joke.

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23 minutes ago, Angel Garcia said:

There are many new players that needs this guide. I like it :)


4 minutes ago, Scott said:

With on point prayer switches, this can be done in ahrims with ancients staff. no joke.

Added (Very difficult) next to ahrims ;)

1 minute ago, Tremor said:

Great guide, finally someone has updated it! Good job man

Thanks :)

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