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      Security Reminder   05/05/2017

      Be sure to set an in-game security pin to protect your account from being hijacked. Many databases have been leaked from previous servers, this information includes bank pins, passwords, etc. Make sure you do not use any same information from other websites or servers.

Announcement 8/17/2017

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Greetings Zamorak community, i'd like to address an on-going discussion between the community. It has come to Owner.pngTitan and myself's attention that the community believes as some may say is "dying", we are well aware of the player downfall, however this occurrence is not by surprise nor is Zamorak itself the reason. If you are not aware, the RSPS scene and even RuneScape is on a decline of players as a whole, RS is merely an out-dated game that is only enjoyed by the people who have joy for the game for what it is. Zamorak has built a community of it's own and i'm proud to say we have a select group of players who play Zamorak because they truly enjoy Zamorak. We are working to try keep the players we have as pleased as possible and bring as much content as we can aswell as looking to bring in other players within the RSPS community.


Q. When is Player Owned Shops or Grand Exchange being added?
A. We're currently awaiting on a very trusted client developer to discuss working on this feature being added, we cannot trust anyone with this work as it is a gateway to a lot of security breaches.

Q. When is Buy & Sell 'x' amount being added?
A. Refer to the first questions answer.

Q. When is the Duel Arena returning?
A. We've attempted to bring back Duel Arena on multiple occasions, each bringing a new issue including dupe(s). We would love to bring it back but it will require a full re-write of the code which we are not prioritizing for now as flower poker seems to be the main gambling method of the server.

Q. When is the new Jad boss being added with Inferno Cape?
A. We have already paid a client developer who has added all our previous OSRS content to do this, however he has been extremely busy with his college classes and we are awaiting on him to return.

Q. Is Zamorak closing?
A. No.

Kind Regards,
Head of Management.

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thank you both for taking the time to inform the community of these issues.  I love zamorak and plan to stay. awaiting eagerly all the wonderful updates ya'll have coming in the future! love you and thank you again for all you both do for us.

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Still NOTHING ON PVP? Yeah ok, how about you fix what you already have, you know... like that BIG 1 tick delay on prayer when you click it? Maybe the fact that you can tag people off in riotwars, surely if its single pvp you should at least make it so that solo player that doesn't have a team with him can at least have a one on one without a team member tagging them off, no chance you can win if that happens. Also the fact that riot wars is literally a single pvp gamemode yet the team with most OPS wins, (I have a few suggestions to potentially make this fairer). Custom hotkeys so people can actually set them to what they want? Actually reverting celestial back to riot wars so BRAINLESS DH range tank with veng isn't such a problem to deal with thanks! 

EDIT: Please tell me why you're confused Titan, i'd gladly clear anything up you don't understand.

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