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The Future of Zamorak

Should we reset the economy?  

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  1. 1. Should we reset the economy?

    • Yes, please explain why
    • No, please explain why

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I can see both sides to this. On the one hand, by resetting the eco we could attract some fresh blood (and even some old blood) to help revitalise the server but, on the other an eco reset could see a lot of veterans leaving the game which bodes the question: would the new people that join just be replacing those that quit due to the reset?

I think a reset could be good for a fresh start, but I personally don't think that a reset is immediately necessary at this point. Like Gmod.pngTremor said, more ways of obtaining cash could restore the balance - though I understand that the eco is not the sole motive behind this proposed reset. I think if this were to go ahead, we could do with a massive effort on the advertising front to ensure that it is as successful as possible.

I am not FOR or AGAINST this proposition and therefore remain impartial. I have voted no for the following reason: 

If enough people wish for the eco to be reset to counter those that do not or are impartial, then by all means take the blue pill.

Image result for blue pill red pill gif


ALSO: There are a lot more votes for this than there are replies to the thread. When you vote please remember to explain the reasoning for your vote, whichever way you decided to vote.

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Y'all should do it, I know for a fact many people quit because the gap between rich and poor is far too big, But maybe you can comprimise it, (people get $5 donated for every 10b they had or something)

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I can see where Vinny and Titan are coming from but I have seen this happen in the past with other servers and the numbers dropped like flies. In a way, it seems like partial of the votes for yes are the people who just started or have very little bank, while their are players that have grinded hard for what they have accomplished and spent numerous hours making money. Yes, I do have a large bank but their is no way its ruining the economy at all since I am not on everyday taking everyones' bank. A lot of people would get butthurt over the reset if it happens when a lot of the community including myself paid ingame money for donations and those people will not be rewarded back anything at all. I just hope everyone really thinks hard and carefully before voting for or against the eco reset. BUT if the poll closes and it does not PASS, I would be willing to do a nice giveaway to the less fortunate people and/or the people that are just starting out. I already do it for people. I don't mind sharing some wealth, as long as people don't harass me for money and/or items like in the past or have acted as my friend just to get items. 

God Bless everyone and I just hope Zamorak does not decline whether it wins or loses this poll because that will be sad for everyone. 

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I am a 100% for this, and even though i am dirt poor, i would let all the money in zamorak be cleaned off my account for this to happen, it would give @Titan and @Vinny the chance to fine tune drop rates, which npc's drop specific things (barrelchest is useless) as an example. The true veterans who would continue to play even if they had nothing, i call you all to vote yes, help bring in a new family and start a new generation of zamorak that can strive and push for bigger and better!!!


Side note, What if you donator rank was a gift from @Titan ? Would those ranks be kept? (for the very very few he has done that for)

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2 hours ago, Logaaaan said:

Honestly... No. There isn't a problem with the Eco.

You Reset, and watch Zamorak die.. Everyone who has grinded for anything will leave because they've just wasted all their time for nothing. This isn't just the older players that have been around for a while, this is all the newer players who have started and grinded and will lose everything as well.

I understand there is a lot going on behind the scenes with the Management team, but if you guys actually read and implemented half of the suggestions people have been suggesting for the past year+, you would probably have a lot more players sticking around.. I understand you guys need coders to do certain things and you only trust certain people to do so, but the same excuses are being used all the time for why things aren't being added, and this is why Zamorak is slowly dying out (Besides RSPS's in general) 


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