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Announcement 9/29/17

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Greetings Zamorak Community,

As you all know a week ago we brought to your attention the idea to possibly have an economy reset within Zamorak. This would mean completely wiping your progress that has been made in the past 3 years and starting completely fresh. Now the overall idea and concept would not have been too bad, but there were multiple cons and pros for both situations.

Zamorak used to be and at least in my eyes still one of the very well known servers that have been here for quite some time without ever running into major issues. We've been through thick and thin and there have been so many memories created alongside all the progress that has been made to towards the server to get us to where we are now. 

Now, in regards to the latest poll. wiaXp4h.pngVinny posted a poll on behalf of the server regarding a chance at having an economy reset. The "Yes" won the poll, however the "No" wasn't off by that far. After a week of having the poll opened and giving everyone to voice their opinion I have taken the decision to not proceed with an economy reset.

I read every single reply that was on that thread, and in my eyes I feel like the safest decision for the server to continue prospering is to not continue with the reset. There are hundreds of players who log in everyday and enjoy playing the game and have spent hours working to where they've come. I understand there are also those who are struggling to even go anywhere due to the game being difficult for them to even compete because of how far behind they are compared to others. 

I know the player base of Zamorak isn't the best, and it's on an obvious decline with the rest of the RSPS Scene, but regardless I plan to improve that throughout the next few weeks. With about 550,000+ character files , the idea of having to erase all those accounts would be devastating. Thousands of players who put their trust, respect, time, and even money in the server would have to restart their progress. Me having the current time schedule I have, having to sit down and make sure each individual who has trusted their money towards me and the server these past 3 years would need to be refunded; This alone would be impossible with the way I'm currently taking classes at University. 

Now I don't want anyone to think that we posted the poll because we were desperate of players, we aren't. We could continue running the server the way it is, with no updates at all, but we'd still average 50-100+ players. Because the dedication and support has been built over 3 years, and Zamorak to some may just be a game, but to others it's home. However, there's no doubt in my mind if we continued with the reset, we'd be back to 200-250+ players the first few weeks, but eventually those who gave up on the server before, would no doubt leave again, then what? 

We're averaging about 30-50 players at night, and peaking 100-150+ players during the day. I don't want to risk losing the trust of my players and build a reputation that makes our community think Zamorak is a server that will reset, etc. All those years I spent to make sure we never had to would have gone to a waste if I did proceed to do this. 

I know what a lot of you are thinking, "Well if you weren't confident with a reset the past 3 years, why poll to have one?". This is a community driven RSPS since day one, if we had seen 100+ votes on Yes, and 5-10 No's, in a heart beat I'd start preparing a way to get everything done, sure it would've taken a long time to get everyone sorted, but at least the community would be satisfied. At this point it's too risky of a chance to even think about it.

Now the positive side of holding that poll for a week was that wiaXp4h.pngVinny & I were able to really for the first time get a good idea of what everyone sees wrong with the server. The thread almost ended up becoming a new season of Flame Wars, because the amount of arguments and ideas being tossed from one mind to another was incredible. One members disagreed here, another agree there, and vice versa. 

Now, although we're not having a reset, I will promise you that within the next few weeks you'll be seeing a lot of new activity within Zamorak. wiaXp4h.pngVinny has always been ready to work with me on anything and together we'll be sitting down these next few weeks and over time improving everything you all saw was wrong with Zamorak. The economy, bosses, drop rates, re-working donator zones, etc. It may take some time, but as I said, we know what the players are wanting, so we're going to work on getting it to them. 

I've already started a search for some YouTubers for next month, reserved advertising campaigns, and spoken to multiple top list owners on ways to bring traffic to the server again. It'll be our responsibility to make sure the new players or even old who want to try us out again, have a reason to stay. 

As always, thank you for your love and support. Who Knows, maybe we'll see this happen soon again :) 





Best Regards,



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As always, thank you for the continuing support and concern of this amazing community. I personally look forward to all upcoming updates. Even if it takes time, I am sure it will help build the community in a very positive way and help it's growth overall.

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16 minutes ago, Raider88 said:

As always, thank you for the continuing support and concern of this amazing community. I personally look forward to all upcoming updates. Even if it takes time, I am sure it will help build the community in a very positive way and help it's growth overall.

Thank you for taking the time to leave such a supportive comment. Vinny and I will definitely have our hard hats on :) 

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to be honest i have not seen this level of dedication from a server owner throughout the 20-30+ servers ive played in the last 10+ years. to see an owner this focused on the player-base is something that ive been wanting to see in a server that i plan on sticking with for a while and over the past 200+ hours i have on the server between this account and my alternate i must say yeah there are a few bugs in the server but that doesnt bug me it actually amazes me every day that i play how well rounded the staff team is and how willing titan and vinny are as owner/manager to cater to the players needs and listen to what the players think should be changed.... for this vinny and titan have my utmost respect and i plan on sticking with zamorak for as long as it is up and running :)

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