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      Security Reminder   05/05/2017

      Be sure to set an in-game security pin to protect your account from being hijacked. Many databases have been leaked from previous servers, this information includes bank pins, passwords, etc. Make sure you do not use any same information from other websites or servers.
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Zamorak's TeamSpeak Server

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Join the TS server


Read the Server rules


Read the Forum rules


What is TeamSpeak?

"TeamSpeak is software for quality voice communication via the Internet. Our platform offers a client-server architecture where client and server software is clearly separated. This means our server product runs as a dedicated server, rather than peer-to-peer. The TeamSpeak server software is literally capable of handling thousands of simultaneous clients or users, which results in an Internet-based teleconferencing solution that works for a repertory of different applications such as an alternative to conference calls, cutting long distance telephone costs, or just as a method of personal communication with friends and family."


The software is free of charge, free and safe download here!





Zamorak's TeamSpeak Information


Server Address: ts56.gameservers.com:9204 or click here


Password: No password is required


Available space: 50



TeamSpeak Rules (credits to wiaXp4h.pngVinny)


Flaming, Harassment and Disrespect


TeamSpeak is a public chat room accessible by anyone throughout the community, we understand that people generally cuss at each other as a joke and that is tolerable. However, intentionally harassing or disrespecting someone to the point they're uncomfortable will not be tolerated and punishments will follow.


Pornographic content


Pornographic content links are strictly forbidden, there's no age restriction on the TeamSpeak server therefore a young individual may be present.




Spamming users of TeamSpeak or the public chats will not be tolerated.




Advertising any private servers link other than Zamorak will not be tolerated, non-intentional advertising will result in a warning, intentional advertising will result in a permanent ban from TeamSpeak and the server.


Harmful links


Posting malicious links that will disrupt a user will not be tolerated.




Threatening users in any type of way will not be tolerated.




DDoSing/DoSing is not tolerated and also a federal offence in many countries. Players caught will be reported and permanently banned from the server and TeamSpeak.




Impersonating a staff member or any user will not be tolerated at all.


Third-party software


Using any third party software that brings any harm to players or the TeamSpeak will not be tolerated.


Bug abuse


Abusing any type of bug(s) on TeamSpeak will not be tolerated.




By accessing the Zamorak TeamSpeak channel, you understand that you are responsible for your own actions. You understand that the rules stated above will be enforced at all times and that the Administration has the ability to further the punishment despite what it states above, this is the administration's discretion.


~Credits to another member for the thread.

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