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PvP Event

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Dharok PvP Event

Welcome to my PvP event which will be hosted in the PvP world at Edgeville. Type ::pvp to access this area

Allowed (armour):

Dharok Set

Barrows Gloves

Abyssal Whip

Dragon/Flameburst Defender

Dragon Kiteshield

Amulet of Fury

Dragon Boots / Steadfast Boots

Fire cape / TokHaar-Kal / Max cape / Comp cape / Prestige capes / Spirit cape

Allowed (prayers/spells):



Protect Item



Spec weapons

Anything else


Participants will volunteer to fight, one pair at a time. If you die... you're out.

The final 3 people left standing will be guaranteed a prize. The prize you win will be determined by the amount of points you win in the final rounds.

Anyone seen to be using anything other than the specified items/prayers will be disqualified

Anyone seen to be using a spec weapon will be disqualified

Anyone seen to be ragging/rushing will be jailed for 30 minutes and subsequently disqualified



1st = 1 Vanguard Set

2nd = 2x $10 Donator Boxes

3rd = 1x £10 Donator Boxes


I will update this thread as soon as a time and date has been set for the event. I will be sure to give at least 24 hours notice before the beginning of the event. Hope to see a few people taking part!



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