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Woodcutting and Firemaking Guide

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ePxH67p.pngaWGooF7.png Hello and welcome to my Woodcutting and Firemaking Guide! aWGooF7.pngePxH67p.png

Getting started

You will need to purchase a hatchet and a tinderbox. Both of these are available in the Tools Store north of Edgeville bank at ::home.




Prices and Equipment Requirements

clfXoLv.png: 13 coins (from Tools Store)

iVYXTdD.png: 75 coins (from Tools Store) Level 1 Woodcutting requirement

hj6tjIP.png: 15,000 coins (from Tools Store) Level 41 Woodcutting requirement

lnWAMlE.png Inferno Adze: 30,000,000 - 40,000,000 (30-40M from players) Level 61 Woodcutting requirement

3r4qgbP.png: 20,000,000 coins (20M from players) Level 61 Woodcutting requirement


Where do I go?

Next you need to teleport to the Woodcutting area. Open up your spell book and teleport to Seer's Village!

7sBhJy0.png Ca9zW0t.png peuhK3q.png



Teleport spot

Regular and Oak Trees

Willow Trees

Maple Trees

Yew Trees

Magic Trees

acfuArq.pngExtreme Mode TipacfuArq.png  

If you're playing on Extreme mode, you might prefer to teleport to ::shops and run west until you're just outside of Varrock. Then run south. This spot has a lot of regular trees with a couple of Oaks too.


Requirements and Experience


LEGEND: Green = Woodcutting Orange = Firemaking

C5pGse2.png Regular logs C5pGse2.png

Levels 1-15

Easy: 4,250 / 7,200

Normal: 3,187 5,400

Hard: 710 1,204

Extreme: 236 401


PEvx8TR.png Oak logs PEvx8TR.png

Levels 15-30

Easy: 6,290 10,800

Normal: 4,715 / 8,100

Hard: 1,052 1,806

Extreme: 350 602


00WaA2J.png Willow logs 00WaA2J.png

Levels 30-45

Easy: 11,390 16,200

Normal: 8,542 / 12,150

Hard: 1,905 2,709

Extreme: 635 903


YZpvzdc.png Maple logs YZpvzdc.png

Levels 45-60

Easy: 17,000 24,300

Normal: 25,250 18,225

Hard: 2,843 4,064

Extreme: 947 1,354


0GMTHmI.png Yew logs 0GMTHmI.png

Levels 60-75

Easy: 29,750 36,450

Normal: 22,312 27,337

Hard: 4,975 6,096

Extreme: 1,658 2,032


Pfa3PED.png Magic Logs Pfa3PED.png

Levels 75-99

Easy: 42,500 54,684

Normal: 31,875 41,013

Hard: 7,108 9,146

Extreme: 2,369 3,048


Good luck!


7EypnDu.png   RlGEsRF.png

Admin.pngFinch is bae

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