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Riotwars rules

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I think Riot wars minigame needs some rules and updates:

1) Leaving on the last second then re-joining is really annoying, maybe give them 10minutes to re-join the minigame again when they leave on last 30-40 seconds.Usually when people forgot something, potions etc then they grab them when they got left like 130 seconds.

2)Riotwars is not Multi currently, so I don't really see why Dding and Pjing should be allowed right now.I realise it's a minigame, but it's 1vs1 Mingame.Make it multi when you want to make it for team minigame.

3) Unlimited flasks needs to be fixed

Thank you!

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Just now, Finch said:

Like Tremor, I agree with both points 2 and 3. I don't really understand what you mean on point number 1 :P 

Well...There's some people who log by purpose right when game is about to start with 4 players

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