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Hi everyone!

So after playing 285 hours on my easy account I finally managed to get the maximum ammount of xp possible in the game! This has been my goal since I got my first 200m in thieving, and to finally see myself at the rank that I am at now is just amazing. Still, I've done it on an easy account, so that's why I have Teazerzz: my extreme account. I just found out about xp lamps from the store that could change your difficulty, so I did change it to extreme just so I could wear the master capes. However I did all the skilling on easy mode and I do not find it as such an accomplishment to just switch to extreme now. So I did use it, but I will still use my 2nd account for prestiging.

I just want to give a big thanx to all of you. I started this in like april last year, and I took a long break lately. However everytime I got back online everyone was always nice and many people that I used to talk often with were still playing. If the community wasn't so damn amazing, I highly doubt I'd reach the 4.4B xp mark.

I reached max experience, but this will not mean I will abandon this account. Now my goal is to just get as much done as possible. Things like getting all achievements, getting all slayer store items, et cetera. Also I still need to update my 1-99 skill guide as I said I would do a long time ago :3
So yeah, see you all ingame!

Maxedin1day / Teazerzz

Getting my last 200m in herblore:






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5 hours ago, kings slave said:

Jokes, that's actually a huge achievement man ! Congrats.


5 hours ago, Logaaaan said:

Very well done mate!


9 hours ago, Tremor said:

Gz my dude, 285 hours is quite the grind :P


9 hours ago, Deathrow said:

congratulations on the accomplishment! time to set another goal and kill it. =P


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