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Loading the client with command prompt.

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It has come to my attention that some people have been having issues with Java not loading their jar files and that fixing the issue can be a bit complicated for some. This is a simple guide on how to start up the client with java using command prompt. Please keep in mind that you have to keep the Command Prompt open in order to run the Jar file.

Step 1: Go to your search bar and type "Command Prompt"


Step 2: Once you've opened your Command Prompt type "Java -jar"


Step 3: Drag the Zamorak Client into the Command Prompt.



Step 4: Press enter and enjoy the client. 

If you are forced to use this launch method for an extended period of time there is a way to make a quick launch.

Step 1: Open your notepad and type in "Java -jar".


Step 2: go to your search bar and type Zamorak client, Right click and Copy the full path.


Step 3: Go back to your notepad and paste the file path.


Step 4: Save the file as "Zamorak.bat". You can create a shortcut with this file and it will automatically launch the client using Command Prompt. 

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