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Good morning zamorak team.

This is your Friendly Pdi Skillers2ftw.

I have a couple suggestions that I would like to share.

First-  reward books, yes they are great but there are only a few ways to get them I was wondering if you could add them into the slayer shop, or possibly put them in the drops lists.

Second-  voting, since most of the voting sites hardly work make the vote shop items cost a few less votes.

Third-   skotizo, since the server has dropped quite a lot and Cerberus has gotten nerfed, slightly nerf skotizo so that its easier to 1v1 it.

Fourth-  the decrease, if at all possible find more ways to advertise the server so we can make zammy great again.


That is all I have for now thanks,    V/R Skillers2ftw

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I support these suggestions.

Just one thing about the advertising, Titan has been runing multiple campaigns to promote the server and it’s still top10 on almost every voting site. I don’t think the effort and money is worth putting in if you consider the probable amount of people who would join.

however the rest of the suggestions are spot on and I hope they’re added soon.

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these are some good suggestions and i stand by them, i think it would be great to implement some new drops maybe a new boss for those drops. but all in all great suggestions man :) 

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Just now, skillers2ftw said:

another thing I would like to add to the list.  

osrs released the hill giant boss I was wondering if we could add that ass well

that would be something that could be done by @Titan and i think it could work if implemented :)

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