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      Security Reminder   05/05/2017

      Be sure to set an in-game security pin to protect your account from being hijacked. Many databases have been leaked from previous servers, this information includes bank pins, passwords, etc. Make sure you do not use any same information from other websites or servers.

Zamorak Benefits of Donating

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How do I Donate?


If you're interested in Donating for Zamorak, you can visit our Game Store by visiting our page here http://zamorak.net/store.html


It is recommended to review the benefits of donating and what each Rank and total amount you donate / have donated unlocks and rewards you with, please take the time to read over the below information thoroughly.


Donating for Items

Donating for items give you the total donated in-game. Whether you buy 1 item, 2 items, a pet, a sword, armor, etc you'll get the total donated added to your account when you claim it in-game. The total donated is the same for how much you paid for the item.


How Do Donator Boxes Work?


  • To explain further on the boxes, I have added the Basic Donator , Super Donator, Extreme Donator Boxes.
  • These boxes can be traded from player to player, they are stackable which means, if you have 10 Basic Donator Boxes, you can open all 10 of them and receive 100 Total Donated + 100 Tokens.
  • If you open one Super Donator Box + Donator Box you will receive 70 tokens, as the Super Donator Box gives 60 Tokens for (Bonus Tokens Package). And overall you will receive 60 Total Donated.






How Does it Work?


Players of Zamorak are allowed to purchase Tokens from the Game Store which are Tradeable / Stakable. These Tokens can be used via the Donation Store Npc, located North of inside Edgeville Bank. The Npc goes by the name Thaki the Donation Dwarf, who will gladly open his Shops for you, which contains various of exclusive items to Zamorak.



What Ranks are there?


The following ranks are below, which shows you how much total donated your account must have before you automatically upgrade to the next rank. 


bOTY4IW.png Donator ($10- $49) 

Z1rHTDP.png Super Donator ($50-$99)

xtpKjZS.png Extreme Donator ($100-$299)

sJJq8bQ.png Legendary Donator ($300-$499)

A14Ra2l.png Ultimate Donator ($500-$1499)

 53nrfaK.pngPremium Donator ($1500+)



How do I Claim my Tokens / Status?


After you have purchased your selected packages located at the Game Store, your transaction will Automatically be processed after you have completed your payment. Once you get the confirmation your payment has gone through, you can ::Claim or ::ClaimPayment

Please note that it can take a while before the payment is confirmed. If you don't receive the donation instantly, plaese try to re-log and claim again.

Other Useful Information




Q: If I purchase the $10 Token Package what will I get In-Game?

A: You will be given 10 Tokens and the  bOTY4IW.png Donator Status



Q. If I already have  bOTY4IW.png Donator Status ($10) and choose to purchase a $40 Token Package, what will happen?


A: You will be given 40+10 Tokens, and 40 Total Donated will be added to your account which will then promote you to Z1rHTDP.png Super Status



Q: Do you offer refunds on Purchases?

A: Unfortunately all of Zamorak products are ran through a secured company financial system, which takes upto 72 hours to confirm and verify through our Game Store, which prevents us from having the time to go through the struggle on reversing the payments individually and going through that process. All products are instantly delivered and are non-refundable


Q: Where does the money I spend go towards?

A: Income that is provided by Zamorak is used in multiple ways, such as providing advertisements, payments & bills for the server that help keep the server stable, development work, and payment towards Developers. Our ultimate goal is to make sure we have enough money to continually spend on growing our community and player base.



Q: What else can I use my tokens on?
A: Players of Zamorak daily purchase donations and tokens from players with in-game money, you can sell your tokens as a secondary option to use them, as multiple players in the server are actively trying to achieve them.















Rdon.png Donator will now receive 200k from the last stall of thieving.
Sdon.png Super Donator will now receive 400k from the last stall of thieving.
Edon.png Extreme Donator will now receive 600k from the last stall of thieving.
Ldon.png Legendary Donator will now receive 650k from the last stall of thieving
Udon.png Ultimate Donator will now receive 700k from the last stall of thieving
53nrfaK.png Premium Donator will now receive 750k from the last stall of thieving.
Rdon.png Donator will now receive 5 vote points as a bonus
Sdon.png Super Donator will now receive 12 vote points as a bonus
Edon.png Extreme Donator will now receive 18 vote points as a bonus
Ldon.png Legendary Donator will now receive 24 vote points as a bonus
Udon.png Ultimate Donator will now receive 30 vote points as a bonus
53nrfaK.png Premium Donator will now receive 36 vote points as a bonus
Rdon.png Donator will now receive 1 Vote Points per website
Sdon.png Super Donator will now receive 2 Vote Points per website
Edon.png Extreme Donator will now receive 3 Vote Points per website
Ldon.png Legendary Donator will now receive 4 Vote Points per website
Udon.png Ultimate Donator will now receive 5 Vote Points per website
53nrfaK.png Premium Donator will now receive 6 Vote Points per website
53nrfaK.pngPremium Donator will now be given a chance to receive 10x the bonus ore 1/2 of the time.

Udon.pngUltimate Donator will now be given a chance to receive 5x the bonus ore 1/3 of the time.

Ldon.pngLegendary Donator will now be given a chance to receive 4x the bonus ore 1/4 of the time.

Edon.pngExtreme Donator will now be given a chance to receive 3x the bonus ore 1/5 of the time.

Sdon.pngSuper Donator will now be given a chance to receive 2x the bonus ore 1/6 of the time.



 Rdon.png Donator  


This is the $10 Donator rank. With this rank you are allowed access to.

Access to ::Yell (with a time limit of 30 seconds before being able to yell again)

The ability to teleport ::Di

The ability to access the Donator Store

 Rdon.png Donator  Status on the forums











Rdon.pngExpanded Donator (25 Total Donated)


This is the $25 Donator rank. With this rank you are allowed access to.

Access to Spec Altar

5% Drop Rate Additional

(Anyone who has donated $25 or more will get the above)

The ability to access the Donator Store




Sdon.pngSuper Donator

This is the $50 Donator rankWith this rank you are allowed access to.

Access to ::Sdi

Access to ::Sdi 2

Access to ::Sdi 3

Access to ::Spells (Allows you to change spell books anywhere)

Access to ::yell ( to speak out to the community with a 15 second timer)

::Recharge (The ability to restore your prayer)

%10 Drop Rate Additional

Sdon.pngSuper Donator Rank on the forums


(Anyone who has donated $50 or more will get the above)



















Edon.pngExtreme Donator

This is the $100 Donator rank. With this rank you are allowed access to.



Unlimited ::yell access

::Recharge ( The ability to recharge your prayer)

30% Drop Rate Addition

Edon.pngExtreme Donator Rank on the forums


(Anyone who has donated $100 or more will get the above)













Ldon.pngLegendary Donator

This is the $300 Donator Rank. With this rank you are allowed access to 


::Restore ( The ability to restore your hp spec and prayer every 3 minutes)



Enables wielding the Anger Sword

50% Drop Rate Additional

(Anyone who has donated $300 or more will get the above)

Ldon.pngLegendary Donator Rank on the forums























Udon.pngUltimate Donator

This is the $500 donator rank.

Access to ::Udi which contains Bosses such as Godwars Dungeon Bosses, Shadow Forger,

Forgotten Rangers, Frost Dragons, and much more.

You also receive a 60% Drop Rate Boost


Also you will get a free unlimited zulrah and kraken runs (it's for ultimate donator+) (no need to spend votes point to get to there if you are a ultimate donator+) 

Udon.pngUltimate Donator Rank on the forums









53nrfaK.pngPremium Donator

This is the $1500 donator rank.

Access to ::Pdi which contains all old school bosses and similar bosses to UDI. (Including Cerberus and the Abyssal Sire)

You also receive a 70% Drop Rate Boost

53nrfaK.pngPremium Donator will now be given a chance to receive 10x bonus ore 1/2 of the time.


53nrfaK.pngPremium Donator Rank on the forums



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